Elder Care

Growing old need not mean that we grow old. So many people who grow older, still feel and behave young even at the age of 65 or 70 years. This is because they take care of their mental well-being, physical nutrition and agility. We have specific elder care programmes to help you feel youthful and reduce risk of ageing diseases like memory loss, risk of heart and type two diabetes as well as many types of ageing cancers. With our holistic nutrition program for people over the age of 60, we address the key points that are accelerating your ageing, listed below:

  • Poor memory
  • Fatigue
  • Clinical markers getting out of range like higher inflammation levels, cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, risk of ageing cancers
  • Agility issues – loss of balance, loss of muscle mass
  • Poor digestion leading to lower absorption of nutrients
  • Low immunity
  • Specific diagnosed health issues

All these issues can be resolved with holistic nutrition – which is a combination of physical and emotional nutrition and achieve optimal results to slow down the ageing process, degeneration and helps you live a fresher and higher quality of life. Our elder care coaches are focused on helping increase the quality of life and have clinically shown results in improvements.

The details of our Elder Care program are below:

    • Holistic Nutrition & Exercises
    • 1 session per month
    • Incorporates reduction in ageing, inflammation levels, fatigue
    • Increases energy, organ health, repair and rehabilitation
    • Releases anxiety to benefit recovery
    • Reduces risk of heart disease/diabetes/memory issues
    • Helps with body balance
    • Helps repair nerves and side effects of medications
    • Unlimited email-based support
    • Minimum period of signup: 3 months
    • Fee: Rs.20,000/USD 300 per month

    To reduce your risk of type two diabetes or reverse your chronic type two diabetes, and live a fresher, more positive life and attract goodwill, positivity and good luck, sign up for our anxiety release plan on the link here