Restore Your Health Awards

Restore Your Health Awards
is an initiative by RachnaRestores to provide a platform to millions of healers, healing centres, doctors, brands, employers and warriors across the world who have helped people get a better quality of life, but have remained low key and committed to their work. These awards offers them a platform to recognise their work.

We invite individuals, organisations, restaurants, healers, alternative practitioners, doctors, chefs, nutrition and fitness experts, health coaches, healing centres, yoga centres, ayurveda centres, ayurveda practitioners, energy practitioners, warriors who overcame a health issue against all odds, health leaders, health entrepreneurs, health start-ups, health brands, companies that have health initiatives for employees, health experts to register for these awards and spread the message of your work, your company and brand to the rest of the world!

  • Registration fee for individuals: ₹2,500 per annum
  • Registration fee for companies and healing centres: ₹5,000

Unlike other awards where a large and prohibitive registration fee is a deterrent for genuine healers and organisations that benefit people, we truly believe that the real people working to benefit humanity should not have to buy an award. Our fees will be used for the event so that we can raise awareness and funds to donate to Access Life India, an NGO that helps underprivileged kids fight cancer.

 Our partners in this mission are:

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Our esteemed jury here ensures the credibility of selecting the right professional, healer, organisation or brand which deserves the award in its respective category.  Choose the category you are part of from below, and you can fill out your form on the link here as per the category relevant to you.

For Individuals, click here to apply

For organisations, click here to apply

Our categories are:

  1. Most Inspiring Health Coach – Holistic
  2. Selfless Healthcare Practitioners (Doctors)
  3. Beyond Boundaries (Alternative Healers)
  4. Best Yoga Guru
  5. Impactful Health Brands
  6. Top Health Food Blogger
  7. Most Healing Plates (Restaurant Menu)
  8. Healing fingers (Health Chef)
  9. Health Innovator of the Year — Business/Start up
  10. Health Trail Blazer
  11. Fitness Icon of the Year
  12. Inspirational Health Warrior — Against All Odds
  13. Inspirational Woman Health Leader Award
  14. Best Health Social Enterprise
  15. Best Holistic Health Centre
  16. Health Entrepreneur of the Year
  17. Health Employer of the Year

For Individuals, click here to apply

For organisations, click here to apply

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