Welcome to the future of a disease-free world

If we could give every person the right amount of nourishment, not too little, not too much, we would have found the safest way to good health. – Hippocrates

There are many diseases that medical science says can be “managed.” Not “cured.”

And at RachnaRestores™️, we practice this in an evidence-based manner, in the following ways.

  1. Online treatment: As part of RachnaRestores™️ we are 4 women partners who have been healing online since 2009. Our healing system is clinically evidenced and we focus on helping patients recover and flourish after healing from chronic conditions like heart disease, autoimmune conditions, cancer and cancer metastasis, type two diabetes, obesity, PCOS and other conditions. We treat across 27 countries.
  2. Mental well-being:Via our digital health platform, Unhurry®, we spread awareness for emotional and mental health being as important as physical health. Many of our columnists are senior corporate leaders, health warriors, doctors, psychologists and alternative healing experts. Launched in February 2021.
  3. E-learning platform: The Unhurry® School of Learning, launched in 2017, has complementary medicine courses and is internationally registered and accredited by Complementary Medicine Association, UK and Continuing Professional Development (CPD), UK. We have trained 200+ coaches across the world who come from various countries and backgrounds of being doctors, homemakers, students, corporate professionals and entrepreneurs. Our courses help them become independent practitioners, influencers so they can help others heal.
  4. Community outreach: Via The Restore Awards® launched in 2019, every year we recognise and applaud selfless warriors, healers, sustainability entrepreneurs, brands which work in the area of healing the earth and people. We have an esteemed independent jury each year for these awards and some of the eminent names include Kavita Vinod Khanna, Public Health Expert and Art of Living International; Sanjiv Puri, MD, ITC Global; Dr Mickey Mehta, Wellness Guru; Khatija Rahman, Director Outreach, AR Rahman Foundation & Singer; Siraj Azmat Chaudhry; Dr Taruna Madan, Immunologist, ICMR, Dr Alejandro Junger, Clean Program;  and many more.
  5. Media: Our media coverage on the link here. We have been getting consistent press about all the above initiatives. We work with brands like Fiama, Savlon, Marico (Saffola, Saffola Fittify, Aquacentric), Organic India, SRL, Himalayan Water, Radio City, Dermafique, Tetley who support our awareness initiatives as sponsor partners.

At the core of everything we do, we spread a singular message – that our physical and emotional healing is linked to our own self nurturing and compassion for planet earth. When combined, this achieves miraculous clinical evidence. Many of our patients are testimony to this. 

Many of the 200+ Unhurry® School nutrition coaches are ex-cancer and autoimmune patients wanting to give back. We are doctors, healers, counsellors, scientists, yogis who have come together for this purpose. You can be part of this community as a coach, healer, client or patient, if you believe in the science of natural repair and healing, and in the miracle of mind-body-soul in eliminating diseases.

Welcome to this beautiful future, which exists at RachnaRestores™️

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