Case Studies

We know, case studies is not the right word. But our patients are not our clients – they are suffering and we are committed to helping them get better. We are not selling them a product, we are partnering with them and leading them to their path of recovery. With a lot of joy, we would like to share only some of the cases on the website as it is extremely difficult to capture 15 years of data and depth of work on a website. Some patients also do not want to share their journeys publicly as they are high profile and private about their lives. We hope that when you read the recovery process of all the chronic disease patients, your heart will be filled with as much joy and hope as ours was when we helped them recover.

We wish for you to recover, get back your quality of life and high energy and be the best version of you with healthy ageing and low disease activity. We are committed as a community to helping others get healthier. Read on as per the health issue you would like to read on, and get clinical proof that it is possible to heal yourself with holistic nutrition!

We care
Loads of love,
Rachna Chhachhi