The Evangelists

We all have our guardian angels, who look out for us, believe in us, make our dreams seem real. Here are some of mine. These evangelists have believed in my healing practices, and together, we all hope to make the world a healthier place.

Harsh Mariwala, Chairman, Marico Industries

Restore Book Launch
Harsh Mariwala with Rachna Chhachhi at her book launch at Sofitel Hotel, BKC, Mumbai

“I launched Rachna’s book, Restore, and saw an amazing turn out of those healed by her. I was there for her, because I believe in the philosophy of her healing. It’s integrated, shows results and has scientific logic to it. It ratifies the way I have lived my life.

A lot of professionals ask me how I built an FMCG company in the face of competition from larger multinational companies with deep pockets. After 40 years, when I look back, I see a consistent input that kept me going: my lifestyle. I looked after myself. I ate right, stayed active and in my weight range (I can fit into the same trouser size as I did 40 years ago), and slept for 7 hours. These routines gave me the energy and stamina to have higher levels of energy then and as well as now, which have increased my work output even today. I work longer hours than many half my age, and am able to do so because of the consistency of my life. Despite my discipline, I take useful tips from Rachna, which keep my parameters in check.

So to achieve success, just being smart and hard working isn’t enough. The need of the hour for every working professional today is to reverse their health issues and preserve their energies, so that they can increase their output. And Rachna’s integrated healing does exactly that. It fixes your issues from the core, instead of suppressing the symptoms. Moreover, it’s a way of life.”

Manisha Koirala, Actress

Rachna Chhachhi with Manisha Koirala
Rachna Chhachhi with Manisha Koirala at Manisha’s book launch on cancer, which Rachna helped with, at The Taj Landsend, Bandra West, Mumbai.

Manisha Koirala is a well-known name in the Indian film industry who is known for her many award winning performances. She is a UNFPA goodwill ambassador and a social activist. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer three years ago, and while she was declared cancer-free, there is always a fear of recurrence since she is BRCA +. But Manisha is not the kind to succumb to fear. She has taken the meaning of living her life to a new level, and is focused on holistically healing herself and spreading the message of an anti-cancer lifestyle. She evangelises Rachna’s practice, follows her advice and propagates it to those who seek good health and freedom from diseases. She actively works with forums and communities propagated by Ask Rachna Chhachhi to spread the message of nutrition and lifestyle changes in the process of healing and being disease free, especially for cancer victims.

Rachna Chhachhi with Sanjiv Sharma
Rachna Chhachhi with Sanjiv Sharma

Sanjiv Sharma, TV Producer, Content Specialist, Ad Film maker

“Somewhere in the last quarter of 2014, I started developing a severe lower back pain.   The first diagnosis suggested a problem in the L4 / L5 Vertebrae.  No 7 KM brisk walks, no weights is what the doctors pronounced. For someone who clocked 50 Kilometres a week that could be a death knell. As we kept discovering, the reason for the pain was finally identified as “sacroiliitis” or “seronegative spondyloarthropathy”.  Sounded scary to me.

Around that time Rachna and I were connected by a common friend for a reason that had nothing to do with my problem.  This gave me an opportunity to learn more about Rachna and what she does. Around that time Rachna was also launching her book “Restore” where focusses on “healthy living” and “eating right”.

From the Book and from our conversations I figured that Rachna was making complete sense.  Inflammation was the major cause of many of the disorders we face and eating a healthy anti-inflammatory diet seemed like a logical solution.  Besides the case studies in the book, Rachna had clawed her way back from a debilitating disease by healthy living and eating right.

The diet itself involves no starvation.  Based on your blood reports, age and gender, Rachna customises your chart that works for your system.  The foods I eat are tasty.  I eat enough to feel “full” and one year later not only I am working towards my “sacroiliitis” but as a bonus I’ve managed to battle obesity.  12 Kilos lighter than when I started, I am healthier on many counts.

Many of us are committed to “effort” and not to the “outcome”.  Our gadgets are clocking how many kilometres we’ve done or how many hours we spent in the gym, but what about the outcome?  To me this is a “jump start” into a virtuous cycle and great results are the best motivator to ensure you stay on track.

What Rachna is propagating is not different from what wise men in the past have already told us.  It’s upto us whether we want to pay heed to that wisdom or are determined to get our value back from Medical Insurance companies.”


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