Acne and rosacea

Nidhi Kapoor after reversing her Rosacea and painful, pus-filled acne.

Nidhi Kapoor came to me with Rosacea and pus-filled acne. She had been struggling for many years and had taken all the medical treatments available without much success. Rosacea most commonly affects middle-aged women with fair skin. It can be mistaken for acne or other skin conditions. Key symptoms are facial redness with swollen red bumps and small visible blood vessels. Treatments such as antibiotics or anti-acne medication can control and reduce symptoms. Left untreated, it tends to worsen over time. However, despite all the anti-acne medication, antibiotics, steroids and creams, Nidhi’s skin worsened over time and she also started getting big acne bumps with pus. It was extremely traumatic for her.

When she began treatment with me, I was assisted by our hormones coach Monisha Sherawat. Yin Yoga expert & PCOS coach Aradhna Chhachhi helped Nidhi release her anxiety and rebalance her hormones in order to reduce the fluctuations. I counselled Nidhi on her skin issues being linked to poor gut health, fluctuating hormones, suppressed immunity and emotions. On the face of it, most health experts do not connect the dots however, it was very clear in her case because she also had chronic fatigue and high antibodies. I encouraged her to write to me and to pour out her feelings to me, no matter what they were. As she followed the nutrition program holistically – physical nutrition via the charts, emotional nutrition via yoga and releasing her emotions, she soon began seeing changes. Her gut became healthier, her immunity grew, her clinical markers started getting back in range and within a few months, she had beautiful clear skin. 
Through her own commitment and determination to follow this path, she reversed her skin issues. She did not want to stop there, but wanted to give back to other women as well. Nidhi knew the suffering and trauma women go through when they are faced with acne and skin issues. Hence, she signed up on the RachnaRestores platform to become an accredited and certified holistic health coach and support other women. She is active on Instagram helping women with their skin issues – you can follow her on @iamnidhikapoor
I am proud to have her as a fellow coach. Wishing her the very best. May we spread light together!
– Rachna Chhachhi