High cholesterol

Even before I signed up for Rachna’s program, I had seen my friends benefit from her guidance. 

As it’s often said “Getting healthy starts from Kitchen and not Gym,” her program helped me improve my test readings in just 30 days! What a clinical impact, I frankly didn’t expect it. I was prepared to sign up for two months but she said that I don’t need to extend to the second month. During my journey of these 30 days, she was always there to help and guide. Her charts and recipes are very detailed and easy to follow. Some impactful improvements below:
  1. Anxiety: drastically reduced within four weeks.
  2. Lower back issues: back pain almost vanished.
  3. High total cholesterol was 305 and came back to normal at 190.
  4. High LDL direct 194 decreased drastically to 111.
  5. High Non-HDL cholesterol went from a whopping 253 to normal at 140.
  6. Uric acid was 6.62 but  became normal 5.23
  7. TSH from 5.74 became normal at 3.51
  8. Low eGFR was 83 which Russia was worried about because it can impact the kidneys but it came back to normal at 92
  9. I was told I have inflammation in the CBC which also came back to normal.
  10. My vitamin markers improved.
  11. My freshness levels increased drastically.
  12. My sleep quality has significantly improved. 
Rachna helped me to move towards the path of good health and also following her plan has made me much more disciplined. Will recommend Rachna to friends and family, so others can also get healthy in a natural way.
— Nagaraja Subbarao, 42, Chennai