Menopause and weight gain

Sudha Krishnan is a 54-year-old IT professional. A typical middle-aged, menopausal woman who experiences work stress and multiple issues. And she spent the last few years struggling with ankle pain and pre-diabetic symptoms.

“Rachna introduced me to this unique self healing and personal transformation technique,” shares the Bangalore based senior leader. “I initially approached her with multiple issues. I was suffering from severe  inflammation of my ankles and I was in severe pain and could not walk. Even painkillers did not help me… The culprit as my obesity (I was 95 kg!) and of course my lifestyle.”

Sudha diligently followed through with the entire schedule for six months. This step by step reduction in inflammation, wait began to show in her everyday life. “Rachna is my lighthouse on this untraversed journey of allowing my body to heal by itself and be my best version.  Initially I was skeptical about the approach, wondering how by only nutrition and yoga one can do a course correction but Rachna’s unique integrated approach focused on healing both mind and body.”

Sudha witnessed multi-faceted transformation which included so many wonderful changes, like:

  • Pain reduction. By 95%!
  • Weight loss. 25 kgs in  6 months. (93 to 68) kg 
  • Skin clarity and glow. (Yes, I witnessed it!)
  • Ability to walk! My gait has improved. I walk briskly and with confidence. People comment and wonder what happened!
  • Self image transformation. Indeed. I feel confident and am full of positive energy and course through the work day like a steam engine!
  • Brain Fog. I did not know I was suffering from it. My mind is clear and I am able to think with clarity and there is no ambiguity or jumbling of thoughts.
  • Enhanced attention span. I am able to work better due to the fact my mind is able to ingest thoughts and focus better. I don’t get exhausted and my articulation and grasp of work issues is way better. For me this is indeed a blessing.
  • Stabilisation of pathological parameters. I was pre-diabetic, hypothyroidic, anaemic, and had loads of other issues. Now most are approaching normalcy. The clinical impact has been as amazing as the impact in my quality of life. 

On this journey of healing and image building, Rachna has been my rock like support. I was surprised to see my health and life improve in leaps and bounds. Rachna is an angel for those like me lost in the ocean of mid-life crisis.