PCOS Reversal

Aradhna Chhachhi, PCOS Nutrition and Yin Yoga Expert

Itisha came to me in August 2020 after 2 years of struggling with PCOS that caused multiple ovarian cysts, anxiety, sleep issues, mood swings, weight gain and a history of hormone pills. After 10 months of disciplined holistic healing that included lifestyle changes: nutrition via food & supplements, yoga, pranayama and support via email and video consults as her coach. Itisha’s cysts have come down from 10-12 in each ovary to 5 in each ovary and she’s also lost 15 kgs.  She also had severe mood swings, anxiety, frustration, and spotting. When she began the healing, she would be frustrated with her loved ones over little issues and found the first 2 charts very challenging constantly wondering when she could go back to indulging in her favourite foods. Gradually, once she starting seeing a shift in her mood, weight and energy levels she followed the chart, yoga, pranayama and supplements with religious consistency and accepted this as her new normal.

Clinical Markers as of Jan 2021 (5 months after holistic healing):

  1. Vit D levels gone up from 49.4 to 137.91
  2. Vit B12 gone up from 354 to 597
  3. Cortisol gone from 26.94 to 15.49
  4. SGOT came down from 54 to 23
  5. SGPT came down from 61 to 12

After 5 months of holistic healing, ovarian cysts came down from 10-12 in each ovary to 8-10 in each ovary

After 10 months of holistic healing, her ovarian cysts have come down to 5 in each ovary.

Itisha Lohia
Itisha Lohia, 33 years, New Delhi lost 15 kilos and reduced ovarian cysts

“I came to Aradhna with stress, anxiety, sleep disorder and major weight gain. And now, my overall lifestyle has changed, my mind is full of positive thoughts and I’m full of energy,” says Itisha Lohia, 33 years, New Delhi.

To this day she speaks about how tasty she finds her meals and how her mind and body are completely used to it.

Aradhna Chhachhi, PCOS & Yin Yoga Nutrition Expert

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