Secondary endometrium cancer

The incidence of secondary cancers is rising. This is especially true for patients who have undergone radiation therapy in a particular area of their body, after a few years, a secondary cancer can recur (click here for clinical sources cited). This is what happened with Dipali Theckedath. Dipali was first diagnosed with colon cancer in 2002 at the age of 27.  After 16 years in 2019, she was once again diagnosed with endometrial cancer. This time, we had to work hard to push her recovery. But I am happy to share that Dipali was committed to following everything as prescribe. In her own words below:

Hi folks,

My name is Dipali Theckedath and I am 46 years old.  I have had a family history of this disease and have been classified as having the hnpcc syndrome.

I underwent total hysterectomy at Jaslok hospital and was advised 6 cycles of chemotherapy. It was during the period between the operation and the beginning of chemotherapy, that I was introduced to Rachna and her holistic plan of treatment. My husband read about her on the internet and immediately contacted her.

Rachna has been an important part of my journey for the past 2 years now.

I was put on a strict diet and was advised to take a few supplements. It was initially very tough to follow the diet plan as I had to give up a lot of foods that I used to enjoy eating. There were times when I also thought of giving up. Rachna however, through her monthly meetings, encouraged me and explained to me the benefits of her plan and the results have been extremely positive. Along with the diet and the supplements, she also advised me to do yoga and sent me material which comprised of yoga poses suitable for my medical condition. She also helped me change my outlook towards the illness.

Her holistic treatment has had an immense impact on my overall health. I could withstand harsh effects of chemotherapy due to her strict regime. She also advised me against radiation and one of the radiologists at a top cancer hospital confirmed Rachna’s advice stating she was not sure of outcome though side effects would be involved. That’s not explained to us that my cancer had record at the same site where the radiation had happened 16 years ago and shared some clinical studies with me on secondary cancers recurring at the site of radiation many years later. Hence we decided against getting radiation this time.

Apart from minor issues, the toxicity of chemotherapy medicines began to get minimized as Rachna’s treatment began repairing me and I did not need as many drugs since I was symptomatically recovering and reports were getting better. It gives me a lot of satisfaction to mention that all my reports are now normal and I have gained back my full strength.  I consider myself extremely fortunate to have had met Rachna and I continue to follow her holistic treatment plan.

I would strongly advise every person suffering from cancer as well their family members to get in touch with Rachna as it would change their life, attitude towards cancer and help them recover faster. Recovery should mean higher energy, clinically better reports and a beautiful will to live, all of which I have. I am also a singer and have resumed my practice and do shows. My hair has now grown back – which was lost to chemotherapy – and this gives me greater confidence to live a long and fulfilling life.

With love,
Dipali Theckedath