Aradhna Chhachhi

Aradhna Chhachhi specialises in hormonal imbalances and PCOS without medication and is a certified Holistic Nutrition Coach and Yin Yoga specialist.

Aradhna practices across 27 countries to help prevent, manage and reverse hormones related conditions like hypothyroidism, infertility, obesity, acne, hair fall, endometriosis, PCOS, dysmenorrhoea, mood swings, severe PMS, pessimism and anxiety. She herself is a PCOS warrior and healed herself clinically in five months from PCOS before she began her journey of healing other women like her.

“Young women across the world are facing these health issues because of no fault of theirs. We have so many endocrine disruptors in our environment, water, food we eat and it becomes frustrating for young girls and women to have stable hormones even if they eat healthy. I have experienced this and overcome it, I am here to help them,” says Aradhna.

To heal with her, there are 2 options:

Group therapy:

Yin yoga and nutrition – details on this link

Individual healing:

Online treatment that encompasses:

  • For those diagnosed with a chronic condition hormonal issue, infertility, PCOS
  • One video session per fortnight
  • Nutrition and yoga charts
  • Emotional nutrition techniques and foods
  • Completely customised to age, gender, case history and blood reports
  • Process of systematic and consistent healing advice and support via unlimited email support and charts to achieve the miraculous results demonstrated already
  • Evidence-based healing via clinical markers improvements at the end of treatment period
  • Minimum sign up period: 3 months, can go up as per case history
  • Fee: Rs 20,000 p.m., payable monthly
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