Corporate programs

At the core of every company’s success story, lies a set of employees with high energy, sharp brain and great execution skills. None of these is possible if your employees are unhealthy. And at RachnaRestores we understand this. That is why we have a separate corporate healing team and corporate programs to help you make the right impact to your employee performance, productivity and bottom line. Our corporate programs include:

1. Preventive health detox:

  1. A 7-day intense programme for detoxification and restoring the balance of the immune system
  2. Includes 7-day detox kit, one group consultation on how to follow the detox, specific breath work designed by RR Experts and maintenance chart post detox – all of these to be followed together for best results
  3. Ideal for employees/individuals wanting to take charge of their health and immune system
  4. Focuses on weight loss, fitness, detoxification, healthier gut and higher freshness levels
  5. Ideal for those between the age groups of 18–55 with fatigue, memory issues, poor gut, weight issues, hair fall, skin issues, insomnia high cholesterol, type two diabetes, mild PCOS and hormonal weight
  6. Not applicable for those with autoimmune conditions, depression, anxiety, severe hormonal issues, cancer warriors
  7. Minimum signups/group size: 50

2. Weight loss:

With weight becoming the biggest risk factor for getting lifestyle diseases, poor energy, malnutrition and risk of cancer, for organisations to have healthy-weight employees is extremely important. We have come up with a unique Weight loss program for employees to follow. When employees follow together, they often support each other and get healthier faster. Our weight loss program includes:

  1. Preventive health check ups for overweight employees
  2. Group consultation with individuals who sign up for the weight loss program
  3. Rewards, recognition and effective games at various stages of weight loss
  4. Activity trackers for best results
  5. Menus and recipes for weight loss group
  6. Health check up post weight loss is achieved for clinical parameters
  7. Minimum period of sign up: 3 months
  8. Minimum group size: 25
  9. If there are multiple groups, division of groups will be as per age bracket

3. Preventive health check ups:

    1. Health checkups for employees at a bulk discount
    2. One group consultation post checkup to help individuals understand health parameters out of range and their impact
    3. A sample plan for the group to help them get their health parameters in range
    4. Ideal for middle and senior management

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