Acne and weight

Vernika, 19 years, lost 18 kilos in 5 months and reversed her hormonal acne

Vernika Mrig, 19 years, came to me in January 2021 after struggling with acne and weight gain. After 5 months of disciplined hormones-specific holistic healing which included nutrition via food & supplements, yoga, pranayama, unlimited advice via email and video consults, her skin cleared up, she felt fresher, lighter, productive and lost 18 kgs.

Clinical Markers as of end April 2021 (3 months after holistic healing):

  • Phosphorus levels went down from 4.90 to 4.31
  • Vit B12 went up from 61.35 to 312
  • Eosinophils gone from 9 to 5.40
  • Alkaline Phosphatase came down from 111 to 79
  • Prolactin came down from 39.97 to 29.47

After 5 months of holistic healing, she lost 18 kg of weight, has reduced cramping during her cycle and has better sleep.

Says Vernika,”Having suffered through excruciating pains during my cycles, the Yin Yoga proved to be a life-saver! With Aradhna’s help, motivation and support, not only was I able to lose weight but I feel emotionally and physically more energetic, have reduced cramps and better sleep! She has been a wonderful guide through the holistic journey helped me achieve my goals.” Vernika lives in Nagpur.

Vernika signed up for holistic healing after battling acne and having a family history of obesity. When she began the healing, the first 15 days of the detox period were challenging for her, increasing her cravings for junk food. However, after experiencing an immediate shift in her energy levels and freshness, she gave the healing her 100%. The one thing Vernika would want is a variety in her food for taste. As her coach, she and I would work together on the different recipes she’d enjoy and what she could occasionally order from outside, all of which would be as per her plan and not hamper her healing. Over these months, Vernika got a thorough understanding of her new healthier lifestyle, even charting out meal plans with different options for herself to follow independently.

Aradhna Chhachhi, PCOS Nutrition and Yin Yoga Expert

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