Menopause pain and anxiety

The beautiful Amrita Talreja, 49, has experienced more youthful skin, reduced hairfall, aches and pains and a higher quality of life in just 4 months

Dr Rachna Chhachhi supported me during my rough time with menopause. She is a perfectionist at consulting and through her advice, I was able to overcome the difficulties with menopause swiftly. My advice would be to follow Dr Rachna’s schedule strictly to see positive results in your mental and physical health.

Hi, my name is Amrita Talreja, aged 49 years old and I live in Bangalore. I was having a rough time dealing with menopause. While dealing with the side effects that menopause has on my body, I could find very little information and guidance on how I could tackle this situation. I consulted a couple of doctors and tried different forms of medical help. However, I was not satisfied with the results. I felt stressed about how little guidance was available to me in this delicate situation only made matters worse for me. Because of menopause, I suffered through hair loss, joint pain, calf muscle pain, neck pain, sleepless nights and anxiety. After suffering for a couple of months, I was recommended to Rachna by one of my relatives, who was going through the same problem. From the feedback I received from her, I knew I was walking into safe hands.

The consultation was done with a holistic approach. First, I was asked to provide full-body medical reports to understand what deficiencies were present in my body. After studying that, I was introduced to a full detox diet for 15 days. I found the program easy to follow. After the detox, I was provided with a new chart to follow. This program improved my energy levels and the health of my skin. I could also see good improvement in the amount of hair fall. The results and support provided by Dr Rachna made the process easier. She also gave me a different diet to follow every month, preventing the food from being mundane. The recipes provided gave me a balanced nutritious diet and also had a great taste to it. I now prefer her recipes more than grabbing food outside. Rachna also provided me with a workout routine. The workout was easy to follow and I was provided with videos to understand the postures better. The workout routine helped decrease the pain in my calves, joints and neck. This routine helped me get fitter and was easy to follow. The exercise provided me with instant relief. So I would ensure that I did it every day. I would recommend being strict about the exercises and ensuring not to miss them even for a day. I was provided with meditation as well, which helped reduce my anxiety. Rachna was very responsive throughout the whole journey. She encouraged me to self-reflect on how the process was helping me on a regular basis. This helped me become aware of my body improvements and communicate well with her on what should be focused on. She regularly provided me with feedback forms to understand the progress of improvement. This made me feel heard and provided a sense of calmness to me. I was prescribed supplements to overcome my deficiencies. Overall, Dr Rachna’s consultation on diet, exercise and responsive nature helped me deal with the side effects of menopause.

It has been 4 months since I started the diet, and now I see great improvements in my mental and physical health. My body aches have come under control and my hair has stopped falling. My mental health also has gotten better. I have seen great improvements in my body. I am glad I was introduced to Rachna as it felt like her consultation was like magic to me. She is my angel who has guided me in this difficult situation and I hope she can do the same for you.