Monisha Sherawat
After Monisha Sherawat and herself with holistic nutrition from endometriosis and lost 12 kg in five months, she trained to become a holistic nutrition coach with RachnaRestores and now helps women like her get healthier

“Your emotions give you signs on you if you are living in a positive or negative environment. Understand that your thoughts and emotions affect every single hormone and cell in your body. Knowing you can change them with holistic nutrition gives you access to the most empowering health balance, undisclosed to people at large.”

Monisha Sherawat came to me at the age of 44 years with an endometrial lining of 13 MM and she was overweight, she had hypothyroidism and extremely high inflammation levels. As with other women with endometriosis and PCOS, without eating anything sweet, her sugar levels were also beginning to inch up. Her prolactin levels were high and her liver was beginning to get into stage one fatty liver, hence not being able to release toxins. Despite being on thyroid medication, her TSH was 7.46. Her homocysteine levels were also high, putting her heart at risk.

In five months of holistic nutritional treatment, her endometrial lining went from 13 MM to 5 MM, all out of range clinical parameters like TSH, Homocysteine count, inflammation markers, liver readings, sugar readings came back in range and she lost 12 kg.

Endometriosis affects so many women in multiple ways. The risk of endometrial cancer, bloating, fatigue, diminished quality of life pain and fatigue rob millions of women across the world of their daily joys. When Monisha Sherawat contacted me for her health, I loved (and still love) her endearing ways, her warmth & her complete belief in my holistic healing. We worked together for 5 months as a team, and step-by-step, she began to get her energy levels back. The pains that she had felt due to fluctuating hormones and hypothyroidism also started disappearing. When she looks back at her previous avatar, she laughs & says, “Oh god! I’m never going back to that!” Her energy levels are better than before. She never imagined she could go for a trek with a bad knee, endometriosis and stay high energy but she did. I helped her prepare for it during our program time, strengthened her muscles, knees and body. But our biggest win was when her reports came in and her endometrial lining had reduced drastically. Even her gynaecologist was surprised. But then, with dedication, the body can achieve miracles.

— Rachna Chhachhi

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