Rachna Chhachhi

Rachna Chhachhi specialises in reversal of chronic lifestyle diseases without medication and is a certified Cancer Coach, Nutritional Therapist, Certified International Yoga Teacher and WHO certified in Malnutrition for infants & children. Founder of RachnaRestores – the RR community – Rachna’s purpose in life has been to help those suffering with a poor quality of life, understand the power of holistic nutrition to heal themselves. She founded RachnaRestores in 2008 after healing herself from rheumatoid arthritis (read her story of cure here) before she got certified as a nutritional therapist. Rachna mentors 200+ coaches across 27 countries who work as independent health practitioners in their locations after getting certified by the Holistic Nutrition Coach Certification Program offered by her e-learning platform. She gets invited to international medical & health conferences to share her case studies of disease reversal without medications alongside medical specialists. She’s the author of 4 health books, Restore (2014, buy it here) and You Can Beat Cancerbuy it here), Alive! (HarperCollins, buy it here) and Shuddha (Rupa Publications, January 2022, click to buy).

Manisha and Rachna
At the book launch of Manisha Koirala’s book on Cancer

Rachna practices across 27 countries to help prevent, manage and reverse lifestyle diseases like type 2 diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, obesity, hormonal imbalances, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, acne etc. She is best known for her work with autoimmune and cancer patients, and helps them reverse their disease.

When you sign up with Rachna, the following is the methodology of treatment:

  • Completely online healing
  • Focused on specific health issues
  • One video session per month
  • Holistic Nutrition – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual nutrition
  • Customised to age, gender, case history and blood reports
  • Evidence-based healing via clinical markers improvements at the end of treatment period


  • Appointments – one session
    • Rs 7,500 for online/30 min face to face session
    • For face-to-face sessions and appointments in Mumbai, call +919833710731, 11 AM to 6 PM.
    • For online 30 minute video session, fill out the form below.
    • One session includes: 1) 30 minutes face-to-face/online session 2) Email-based prescription 3) clarifying of doubts within 7 days of appointment.
    • Ideal for: Returning patients seeking a review, new patients seeking 3-4 kilos weight loss, 7-day detox, lifestyle course corrections to live enhanced quality of life with low disease activity, low inflammation and higher energy.
  • Reverse ageing with Rachna™️ – online
    • Rs 25,000/USD 400 p.m., payable monthly for treatment, fill up the form below for online appointments
    • 25% off as early bird discount till February 5, 2022!
    • 30% off on 1 + 1 sign up – get a friend/loved one to get healthier with you!
    • Minimum treatment period for signup is four months
    • Ideal for: Women, struggling with weight, poor energy, pigmentation, unexplained pain and sleep issues
  • Treatment – online
    • Rs 20,000/USD 350 p.m., payable monthly for treatment, fill up the form below for online appointments
    • Minimum treatment period for signup is four months
    • Ideal for: those with chronic conditions like cancer, autoimmune conditions, obesity, type two diabetes, heart risk issues, unexplained pains, PCOS, hormonal disorders, anxiety, depression, digestive and immune repair and other conditions which have been present for more than one year and needs consistent treatment for repair
  • The Shuddha Detox – 7, 14, 21 days program
    • Fee for 7 days: Rs.7000
    • Fee for 14 days: Rs.14,000
    • Fee for 21 days: Rs.21,000

Book a consult directly with Rachna by filling up the patient form below:

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