After I moved to US with my husband life had been very hectic since there is no household help here, I had to manage a lots of things as compared to India. Moreover I had to work in UK timings due to this my sleep cycle became irregular and very soon I was under a lot of stress. My weight began to increase. I started having many more occurrences of migraine and my periods became irregular. While all this was happening we were also trying to plan a baby which was not working out despite trying a lot( for almost a year and half)

Finally I decided and met Aradhna Chhachhi Ma’am and discussed the issues with her. She was extremely kind and ready to help me in my healing journey with her. She started Yin Yoga sessions with me for almost a month. That really gave me some relief to regain my mental calm and managing stress. Then she put me on holistic healing plan and we started with a detox plan for 4 weeks and within a couple of weeks I started feeling very rejuvenated and my weight started decreasing almost 2 kg per week! My migraine pain frequency started reducing And my periods became regular and the most happiest moment came within one and a half month of this healing journey when I tested positive for my pregnancy. This was quite a miracle as we were trying since last 2 years and my journey with Aradhna ma’am would bring such a precious moment in my life so sooner I had never imagined.

Her unique style of healing, her care and love for her patients is out of the world. She has a magical touch in her healing.

I wish the best things come to you always dearest Ma’am.

Lots of love
Pooja Patwari, Georgia, USA