Prachi is a certified Ashtanga Yoga teacher. Prachi has also successfully completed the You Can Beat Cancer Masterclass under Rachna Chhachhi. She received her initial 300-hour yoga teacher training through the Diploma Training offered by the Government of Maharashtra in Mumbai. Prachi turned to yoga 6 years ago as a part of her self love regime. Her daily practice has helped her grow stronger, more flexible and fearless, both on and off the mat. Being a lifelong learner, she continues to study and practice with world-renowned instructors from around the world. Through her Restorative Yoga lessons, Prachi focuses on breathing, exploring movement and stillness, and discovering relationships between body, mind, and soul. She is set on to ‘give back’ by helping people find the support and care they need through their yoga practice. Contact Details; Email :; Phone : +91 93222 56417 

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