About 8 months ago, Anand and Pooja Padile travelled from Latur to Mumbai (almost 500 km) to meet me. Anand had emailed me regarding his son, who was suffering from a rare autoimmune condition called Wegener’s granulomatosis, and his lungs were affected. The sad part, he was just 11. At an age where other boys wouldn’t even think before going out in the sun and playing cricket, Sagar had to be confined to the house, pumped with steroids and chemo drugs to suppress his immune system and inflammation levels.

Medical science has no cure for Wegener’s. Most well-read and intelligent people have never even heard of the disease. And yet, here was a little boy and his parents, living the nightmare of drug reactions, immune system reactions, pain and inflammation, every single day. At this time, I had never treated anyone with this disease. But my success rate with other autoimmune conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, scleroderma, psoriasis, Hashimoto’s etc had been very high. I shared this with them and told them that the underlying causes for all autoimmune diseases are the same: there are extremely high inflammation and highly compromised immunity, because of which the immune system starts acting against you Vs for you. Doctors suppress inflammation and the immune system with drugs that cause severe side effects and little relief, whereas I attack to eliminate inflammation and build immunity so that the root causes disappear, rather than suppressing symptoms. Once the causes disappear, symptoms will go too. Hence, there was no reason why my healing methodology wouldn’t work, even though I had never treated Wegener’s.

“We were so worried about the side effects of these medicines on the various body parts of our son. The doctors were also pretty negative. Any research on the internet said his disease had no cure. We were dejected,” recounts Anand, the father. “One day, which we now refer to as the golden day of our lives, we ordered Rachna’s book Restore, and the book inspired us and gave us a ray of hope. By the intuition of our soul, we decided to meet her.”

I knew that Anand and Pooja would be committed to making Sagar follow everything, even though it was difficult as every child has whims and fancies around food that parents want to indulge. But they had seen him suffer. So they just followed everything I prescribed blindly. Not just the food, but the nutritional supplements, the breathing exercises, the lifestyle changes. And slowly, the changes began to emerge. The energy levels came back, inflammation levels reduced, and Sagar was more active and chirpy. “Rachna’s guidelines gave us our son back, free from side effects and pain. Now, the doctors have reduced the strength of medicines to very low doses,” says a happy father. “Our message to all parents whose child has been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease: don’t panic. Just email and fix up an appointment with LIFE, called RACHNA. She did what doctors say is impossible. She gave us our son back”

Anand and Pooja’s blessings and their son’s good health will always be cherished by me. And yes, Sagar can now go out and play in the sun.

— Rachna Chhachhi, Nutritional Therapist, WHO Certified in Malnutrition for children