Stage IV prostate cancer (Metastatic Carcinoma Prostate)

When the 63-year-old vegetarian, gentle and smiling Vallabh Jagani came to me with Stage IV prostate cancer (Metastatic Carcinoma Prostate), his daughter, Jayashri was extremely worried about him. His PSA was 100+, prostate size was 49 cc and he had an enlarged liver. The doctors had advised him chemotherapy but he was not keen on doing the same, and doctors also felt that he was a little unstable as his immune system may not be able to take the chemotherapy.

Vallabhji had a tobacco-chewing habit that was going to hinder his journey of healing and I shared the same with him and his entire family. He promised me that he would try and kick the habit and we began the treatment on February 1. 

My biggest hurdle in the healing process was the tobacco. I had to get him off it. I had lost a distant relative to prostate cancer only because he did not quit smoking. Because prostate cancer is a slow-growing cancer in older men, it is easier to control it with nutrition and lifestyle changes if there has not been too much medical intervention. However, tobacco ensures that the cancer cells spread fast and wide, making nutritional and holistic healing ineffective. So, my first task was to get Vallabhji off it. We tried many substitutes like mixed concoctions of whole spices with a pinch of natural sugars like jaggery and dates, but what finally worked for him was chewing chamomile leaves. Chamomile leaves have the power of helping us get into a stupor by calming the brain and digestive tract without any known side effects if they are taken in the right quantities over the right duration of time as per the patient. Chamomile is a flower and a herb found in native China and its tea is used for medicinal purposes because of the high levels of apigenin, an antioxidant that binds to receptors in your brain and promotes calmness and reduces insomnia. It also repairs the digestive tract, leading to lower levels of anxiety. Equipped with chamomile leaves extracted from the sachets of this herbal tea readily available, Vallabhji was able to successfully kick his tobacco habit while gaining the benefits of this herb. And so we began his holistic nutritional treatment without the hurdle of tobacco.

On March 31, exactly two months after Vallabhji began his program with me, I did a midpoint check for his PSA and prostate size along with inflammation markers to gauge the level of cancer activity inside his body. In 60 days, his PSA had come down from 100+ to 0.59! And his prostate size had reduced from 49 cc to 29 cc. Along with his cancer markers, his inflammation levels were also drastically down. I do not know any other allopathic or Western medication or surgery or procedure that can show such drastic results in such a short period of time without any side effects whatsoever. And his enlarged liver had reduced in size. He also became cheerful, overcoming his depression and fear of disease. 

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Ironically, when he went to his doctor with these wonderful reports, which had nothing to do with any treatment his doctor had prescribed him, the doctor said, “Now we can begin chemotherapy because your immune system will be able to take the onslaught and side effects.”

The entire family was baffled because they thought that the doctors would be happy that Vallabhji was recovering well and the reasons for diagnosis of cancer were diminishing every day. They spoke to their family physician who actually advised them to only continue with my nutritional and holistic healing because that was working and not pay attention to what the oncologist had said. And so, he continues.

Now, his prostate size is already back to normal, and his inflammation markers are in range. Every time we Skype, he just waves and smiles at me and says, “Everything is fine, I’m feeling so good.” This, from a man who started out just a few months ago with an aggressive cancer and extreme depression and addiction to tobacco. He has come a long way with his discipline and commitment towards his health.