Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Free Family People photo and pictureShobhit Chadda was just 33 when he came to me with squamous cell carcinoma of the mouth in February 2021. An extremely bright businessman with a very worried wife and small children, both Shobhit and his wife Pallavi were determined to beat this. He did not have any history of tobacco use. Shobhit was and is a foodie so the first few weeks with him were fairly tumultuous. His curious mind understood very well that he could look at the ingredients and modify them as per his taste. Even though it took some time for the taste buds to start returning and for his speech to improve, Shobhit was determined. And like his pillar, his wife Pallavi constantly kept in touch with me to ensure that nothing is derailed in his healing journey. And in October 2021, we finished the holistic anti-cancer nutritional therapy for Shobhit where his pet scans and reports started coming clear and negative. However, both Shobhit and Pallavi are very focused on getting six monthly checkups with the doctor as well as with me to ensure that Shobhit’s health is on track, his inflammation and cancer markers are negative and his pet scans are clear. It is such a delight for me when Pallavi emails me holiday pictures when they travel out! Shobhit is living his new normal cancer-free life and is highly committed to his healthy lifestyle, which keeps cancer at bay. For others struggling with cancer, Shobhit is an inspiration. And it is through his own and wife’s constant commitment and prayers that Shobhit remains positive, stable, enthusiastic and energetic every day. My blessings to the entire family, shown here and one of their many holidays since we stopped active treatment and Shobhit began enjoying life again without the fear of cancer.