Rheumatoid Arthritis 2

My mother had been diabetic for many years. Then suddenly, at the age of 69, she developed severe pain in her hands, knees, back and upper arm. The doctors kept her in the hospital overnight, gave her some heavy medication. She came back home and was still in severe pain. Even going to the bathroom was seeming like a humongous task. The diagnosis was elusive, so they admitted her again, with medical bills rising but no clue as to what was causing her pain.

At that point, I was in touch with Rachna for some of my health issues, and in a casual chat, mentioned the nightmare to her. She asked me for some specific blood tests to be done, which the doctors had missed out on. And the diagnosis was rheumatoid arthritis. Even the doctors couldn’t believe it because RA affects much younger people. But Rachna had treated some women who were my mom’s age in the US, and she saw the pattern of pain and other symptoms.

The usual allopathic course looked scary as the meds were too strong and had significant side effects. At her age, it seemed difficult that my mom would be able to cope with them. But Rachna wasn’t worried. She said mom didn’t need the corrosive drugs and a holistic healing plan would flush her pain out. Initially, when mom saw the chart, she sort of freaked out. Many of the items considered healthy and those she was habituated to had been thrown out of the window. At 69, she struggled to change her habits. But pain is a strong driver, and it drove her will power to eat as prescribed.

And sure enough, in 3 weeks we could note that her inflammation levels were down, she could go to the bathroom with ease, and in 45 days, she was 80% pain-free. In the coming months, her RA readings came down significantly, and the icing on the cake was that her diabetes saw terrific improvement. Today, after so many years, she is on barely half a tab for diabetes now. Her immunity is stronger, and at this age, since her sugar has begun to stay in control, her kidneys are getting strong too.

As a son, I could never imagine that I would see my mom in so much pain. When you or your loved ones go through the inhuman pain of RA, you begin to appreciate what a blessing it is to be pain-free.

I certainly hope this note will guide the sceptics… nutrition and holistic healing are powerful tools, and shouldn’t be seen as “alternative.” For us, they turned out to be “mainstream” healing for my mom. Thank you, Rachna.

— (Name Witheld), 44 years, Banker, India