3rd stage Rectal Cancer

I wish and hope every late stage cancer patient is as disciplined and focused as Karan has been. Karun Makhija from Mumbai filled up my patient form in the first week of December. He had been diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma at the Rectum (Rectal cancer) – 3rd Stage. He had already been through cancer treatment, radiation, ayurveda treatment and yet he had blood in his stools. We began treatment on December 17, 2020. When we did the review on January 5, the pain in his rectal area was 95% better and the blood in his tools had disappeared. By January 20, his spasms in the stomach and rectal area had also disappeared. Today, he feels absolutely normal and his reports and scans are clinically much better. Instead of only sticking to my healing charts, Karan is getting creative and experiments with the recipes. He has understood the link between the ingredients I had put in his chart to heal him and how he can creatively utilise those ingredients to make recipes as per his own palate. His consistency and discipline has made him recover from third stage cancer very quickly. None of the treatments he had undergone were able to demonstrate this recovery, stability and quality of life. Holistic nutrition for cancer works beautifully if the patient follows, just like Karan did. At 49, he has a wonderful healthy life to look forward to. In his own words:

“I was diagnosed with 3rd stage rectal cancer. I had gone through a short course of radiation therapy. I was experiencing, spasms in my gut, pain, blood and mucus in stool and frequent bowel movements (10-15 in a day). I was taking allopathic medicines to control my symptoms. Within a couple of weeks of starting the holistic treatment with Dr. Rachna Chhachhi, I found huge improvements. My symptoms virtually disappeared. I stopped all allopathic medicines. It’s been a couple of months now. My CEA marker has come down from 5.2 to 1.87. My scans have demonstrated that my tumour size has significantly reduced. I am feeling better every day.”

Who says holistic nutritional treatment for cancer takes time? The above is proof of improvements in just a couple of weeks, where allopathic treatment, and any other alternative therapies could not achieve a good quality of life for the patient. I wish this kind of wonderful recovery for each and every cancer patient.

With love,

Rachna Chhachhi