I See the Light

Once upon a time, I was a happy college going student who enjoyed every bit of life. Life was happy and happening. One day I looked into the mirror and noticed a dandruff like stuff on my head. Having self-diagnosed it as dandruff, I looked for home remedies to cure it. I found mild relief but a week later the dandruff came back. A bit worried I consulted a doctor.

The doctor examined and told “You have Psoriasis. There is no cure to it but can only manage your symptoms.” Imagine for a girl in her teenage years being told that “There is no cure for it”. I was terrified.

I came back home and did research which revealed to me that the condition I was suffering from was “Autoimmune” where the immune system is triggered and mistakenly attacks healthy cells. To cure myself from this debilitating condition, I approached Allopathic and Homeopathic doctors. Nothing seemed to work. I was 50 % covered in scales, fatigued, sleepless, depressed and went into the loop of self-pitying. I had reached rock bottom.

My parents and husband are pillars of support and they encouraged me to not give up. One day while browsing, I came across Rachna’s website. Having read her story gave me the confidence to give this treatment a shot. My gut feeling told “It’s holistic. Give it a try.”

And I approached Rachna. Her approach towards healing was holistic with emphasis not just on physical nutrition but also emotional nutrition. Her calmness and uplifting energy made me believe that I am under the right care.

The treatment began with assessment of my diet, lifestyle and stress levels followed by blood tests, charts and supplementation. The chart was difficult to follow initially. I reminded myself “Nothing worthy in life comes easy.”  I followed the treatment protocol strictly.

After 10 days of treatment, I noticed my skin lesions were getting thin. Delighted of my small achievement, I continued the treatment protocol religiously. And guess what?

A miracle happens! 2 months into the treatment “I am Psoriasis free.”

I am extremely grateful to Rachna because of whom I am not just living but enjoying a better quality of life. I thank Rachna and her team for doing a Yeoman Service to humanity. For what life, if it is not for the service of others?

Nikhita Dadmi, 28 years, Bangalore