Obesity, knee pain

When Shiv came to me, he had health issues, some reports were out of range, he had severe knee pain, hypertension and was forty kilos overweight. At the age of 57, 114 kilos, his work meant twenty days of travel every month. As group head of Agri businesses and IT at ITC, he is leading a large team and a lot of responsibility was on his shoulders.

It was not that he was unaware of his health issues and had not tried earlier. But lack of time and a packed schedule along with travel always affected the consistency of input. He and his colleague and buddy Nazeeb Arif, head of corporate affairs, ITC, decided to get healthier together in 2017. They would check into a health centre/spa for a week, lose weight, go on with life as normal and gain it right back. This pattern continued for almost two years till Shiv began to get chronic knee pain and realized that his travel would be affected and hence, his work output would suffer. When Nazeeb reached out to me, he urged Shiv to do the same.

We discussed for forty minutes what my programme would target and how it would systematically reduce inflammation and, by virtue of reducing inflammation, how his knee pain would ease, hypertension would disappear, reports would come back to normal and his weight loss would be accelerated. Shiv nodded, seeming extremely unconvinced and said, ‘What about my travel?’ I reassured him that we will deal with it. And so he signed up. That was 3 December 2019.

Six months later, during our video session, after having lost thirty kilos and reversing his knee pain and hypertension, Shiv confessed, ‘I never thought we could reach here.’ He was mentally prepared to lose ten kilos and ‘see how it goes.’ But today, when I told him that he needs to reach the magical number of seventy-five kilos, he laughed and said, ‘Today I believe you, when we met on 3 December, in my mind I was like, that’s not going to happen.’ 

The first fourteen days of his plan, from 4 December  through 18 December, Shiv not only travelled crazily, but he was in one city for not more than a day. I would ask him which hotel he was staying at and recommend food from the menus listed. In those first fifteen days, he lost four kilos. And then there was no looking back.

Through the lockdown, when everyone lamented their lack of choices, he stuck to limited choices available, but refused to deviate from food groups. Exercise was a challenge with crazy back-to-back zooms, but we worked out spurts of fifteen minute exercises spread through the day to keep his BMR high and inflammation low. Circulation was key so water was a big focus.

Today, Shiv has lost 37 kilos and is still on track for good health and clinical parameters.

‘I think what really worked was the consistency,’ he confesses. He had never been given the tools to be consistent before. ‘What you did with me was like management pillars—inspire, enable, track.’

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