Obesity, Hypertension, Type 2 Diabetes

My story of Reverse Ageing (term coined by Shiv) with Rachna

I weighed 118kgs when I was introduced to Rachna Chhachhi by Mr. Sivakumar of ITC (read his transformation here). It was a chance encounter with Shiv after many moons and one that surprised me, as he looked different…almost a younger version of the man I knew. Trim, slim and beaming. Taken aback by the transformation, I mustered up the courage to ask him the secret to his transformation and that is when he told me about RachnaRestores by Rachna Chhachhi.

I am a hospitality specialist and have been working with hotel companies like the ITC etc in operations. Food & Beverage has been my area of expertise and passion, I am a complete foodaholic, with a sweet tooth. As the age started catching up , came along issues such as diabetes and hypertension.

It wasn’t that I hadn’t tried losing weight over the last many years as I always tipped the scale above 100 for close to 3 decades. Tried Naturopathy, fad diets etc, lost some weight , to put it all back in no time.

Then Rachna happened! As I write today, I am 27 kilos lighter, having lost all that in 6 months.

So what changed or what did Rachna do different with me? Well, to start with, she made me look at the issue differently- she made me aware of where I stood and wanted me to question myself – did I want to continue with the same lifestyle and face consequences or was I prepared to reinvent and live a better life in the coming years!

Guess that did it for me!

Rachna did a zoom session to understand and know me and then is when I realized what the concept of nutrition was all about. Her knowledge besides her own story of how she had beaten many odds with her health issues, had me sold.

And today, as I get huge compliments from all, on my transformation, I feel a huge sense of achievement and feel so much surer of myself.

Unlike most diet fad gurus I followed earlier, Rachna’s diet plans were not the “one size fits all” kind. She made me do specific medical tests, bio markers, and then curated a plan. The journey isn’t easy as you suddenly find yourself on a new regimen from what one is used to over the years. But then you realize why, as you acknowledge the bio marker reports and co relate.

I am quite proud to say that I was disciplined and had a solid resolve to stay my course without falling to temptation. The fact that I had to share with Rachna my weight every morning and that was her way of monitoring my progress besides also finding out if something wasn’t correct.

Did I falter ever? Well I didn’t …but yes on a couple of occasions I might have had an odd item which wasn’t part of the “approved” list but then it wasn’t the norm. Did I feel “out of sorts” at the beginning? Did I feel weak ? Did my system go for a toss? Never once in these 180 days. Rachna does a great balancing act with the diet plan by providing supplements that help with essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals – curated based on your need.

So that’s my story. Now that I have done 6 months, will I go back to my same old ways —-  chai, pakoda, samosa , jalebi etc? Don’t think so! I feel so proud of what I have been able to achieve that I surely am not going to give in. Vain me, must admit that for the first time in several years, I could walk into a branded store to buy clothes for myself- earlier it was only footwear that I could find for my size…hahaha.

So a big thank you to Rachna – you surely have been a “guru” in the true sense. It’s indeed rejuvenation and a happier me and family – especially for the wife!

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