Multiple Sclerosis 3

Vimi Gupta came to me 14 months ago. She had had Multiple Sclerosis for the past 13 years and was on oral medications as well as injections. These were the only methods medical science have for MS, and these somewhat manage a patient rather than making them feel better. In 3 months, her balance was better and her persistent UTI had cleared up (click here to read her account a year ago). So I decided to do a review now, as I had given her dos and don’ts to follow after my treatment, expecting her to be better.

Vimi’s state blew me away! Not only did she follow everything to a T, but she’s also now a pro at yoga! See the pic below 🙂 I’m so thrilled that her MS hasn’t returned because she’s been following everything!

IMG_1067“One year of following the health plan given by Rachna has put me on the right track. Her guidance has shown me how to manage food & life which has given results I could not have imagined. Gone are the days of full-body pain & fatigue which are common in patients with Multiple Sclerosis. My cramps have completely vanished. My appetite has become normal & I enjoy food now. Periodic tests have revealed that I am free of UTI. I am following the nutrition, yoga & pranayam schedule incorporated by Rachna. It is really benefitting me. I am not only feeling but also looking fit. My balance is even better & I am able to do so much more. Now I easily go out shopping & meeting friends. Outings have become easy & normal. Thank you, Rachna. I am looking forward to a healthy life ahead. God bless you!”
Thank you Vimi, for believing in me!
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