Mouth Cancer

Anant Mohta, 50 years, resident of Nepal, came to me with Squamous Cell Carcinoma. An ulcer developed in the inner lining of the cheek, after which the initial treatment was done by a dentist considering it being a normal ulcer. Since there was no healing for the next 10 days, the dentist suggested referred to an Oncologist who prescribed a biopsy. In the initial incisional biopsy reported an impression of Keratosis with Dysplasia and no case of Malignancy was reported.
After that again a second surgery was done to remove the entire area of the Ulcer and was sent for a second biopsy reported Squamous Cell Carcinoma, Left Buccal Mucosa. And so we began treatment.

Along with his mouth cancer, he had high HbA1C which was a risk factor for cancer spread, fatty liver, high triglycerides, very low B12 and Vitamin D. In his review form within 3 weeks, he wrote: “I am feeling better and calmer.” And that was when I knew his healing had begun. After 2 months of holistic cancer nutrition treatment, his jaw pain reduced, the doctors advised no further treatments, his reports and clinical markers were better and he felt fresher, higher energy than before. Holistic healing had done the repair work and the evidence in clinical markers was clear. When I asked him how he felt, he just emailed saying:

“I feel like I have taken a walk from Darkness to Light and to new Beginnings.”