A brother recounts the journey of his sister’s recovery from migraines after decades of suffering:

“I came to know of Rachna Chhachhi through my wife. My wife heard about her through a friend of hers who was suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis and had sought Rachna’s help in managing it. Based on my wife’s suggestion, I approached Rachna to help address the health needs of my sister who had developed complications because of a 35-year-old history of migraine attacks and more recently, gastrointestinal complications due to a surgery and inadequate nutritional choices. 
My sister lives in Hyderabad whereas Rachna is based in Mumbai.  In January, my sister met Rachna through Skype for an initial consultation. During this conversation, Rachna said that she would be able to successfully treat my sister through nutrition and exercise. We were sceptical but decided to sign-up for the three-month reversal plan that Rachna offers. Our reasoning was that at the very least, my sister would have a better sense of making the right food choices for herself and her family. 
Over the course of the following three months, my sister had frequent Skype sessions with Rachna. Rachna put her on a rigorous diet that eliminated trigger foods such as wheat, dairy and a few others. Rachna helped her stay focussed and make lifestyle choices such as introducing Yoga into daily routines and sleeping an adequate number of hours every night.  
What Rachna was doing was re-educating a person who never thought about nutrition and had always put the interests of the family ahead of her health.  For my sister, it was initially not easy but she stuck to the diet/lifestyle plan provided by Rachna. Within the first 2-3 weeks, she started noticing a significant improvement in her health with the migraines occurring less and less frequently.  At the time of writing this (almost five months after starting the treatment), I am happy to see that my sister has been migraine-free for the last four months. Her GI complications are also almost gone. She now knows what trigger foods to avoid, how to make better nutritional choices for her and her family. Equally importantly, she now knows how to take care of herself. Because of Rachna, my sister has been able to create a better food environment at home.
 I wish all families had access to this kind of nutritional knowledge and wisdom at least once in their lives so that they are better able to develop and maintain healthy eating habits which can keep many of the so-called lifestyle diseases at bay.
Thank you, Rachna for your patience and all the help you provided to my sister.”
— Harish Cherukuri