Kanika, a new age mom, having a little toddler and originally, a tax professional, has made sure to hone her passion for Healthy living and Holistic wellness. Born and brought up in Delhi, Kanika has always had a creative bent of mind, together with interest in delving into spirituality, wellness and healthcare. A passionate cook, she loves to experiment with healthy recipes and finds great satisfaction in serving her family healthy, home cooked food. Over the years, taking her mother to numerous hospitals and doctors for her treatment of acute autoimmune disease and availing every cure that was known, offered and suggested to her but seeing not much improvement in the health of her mother, Kanika was constantly looking for better treatment. It was then that she came across RachnaRestores. A firm believer of healthy living and driven by her aim to help her own mother cope with acute autoimmune condition, she trained at RachnaRestores. Kanika is a Certified Holistic Healer with RachnaRestores and also a certified autoimmune expert, committed to help autoimmune patients improve their quality of life. She strongly believes that the body has very strong healing powers and the right eating and lifestyle habits can make a great deal of difference. With the knowledge gained from RachnaRestores and the guidance from the team, she is confidently helping those that she works with. She aims to serve many people and wants to raise awareness about natural and holistic treatment available for most lifestyle diseases. Contact details ; Email : holistifyfitnesswithkanika@gmail.com; Phone no : 9711587977

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