Her2 Positive Breast Cancer

Shiksha came to me with stage 3, Her2 positive, ER/PR negative breast cancer, spread to nearby lymph nodes. She was simultaneously undergoing radiation and chemotherapy when she began my treatment. She also had surgery – message to me – for her right breast. 17 lymph nodes were taken out – one showed metastasis.

As a cancer metastasis expert, I was aware that dormant cancer cells that do not get detected in reports, can stay dormant for long and become active, especially if they have spread through the lymph nodes, leading to secondary cancers. So my work with Shiksha was to help her overcome side-effects of the surgery, radiation and chemotherapy along with reducing her chances of recurrence by ensuring that my anti-cancer holistic nutrition program kept her cancer cells dormant. This was in April 2019.

By October 2019, Shiksha had shown drastic improvement. And by December, or inflammation markers had tumbled town. It has been more than two years that she is healthy, stable and active with all cancer markers and that reports in range. In her own words:

Rachna helped me overcome the post chemotherapy side effects and helped me understand the importance of an anti-cancer healthy lifestyle. After treatment from her, I understood that most of the things I was doing were not right from a perspective of nutrition required for a cancer patient. She explained how one can prevent cancer or reduce chances of recurrence with an anti-cancer diet and lifestyle.

After following her guidance, I could see a lot of changes in myself and trust me these are not only physical ones. I feel more energetic, healthier, I have got a very positive approach towards life and it has changed me completely as a person too.

The things she advised me are a part of my daily lifestyle even now when my treatment is over.  I would like to thank her from the bottom of my heart for helping people like me and I must say that she is a good teacher, motivator and Guru along with a holistic nutritionist

Thanks Rachna Di for everything you did for me. God bless.

Shiksha Gaur Sharma, 41 years, Indore