Diabetes, Cholestrol & Hypertension


I am Nalini, a Sri Lankan living in London. When I first heard of Rachna through my sister I was into my 12th year as a high-risk patient in my GP’s list, taking high doses of medication for diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol amongst other aches and pains. All these ailments started after my laminectomy operation and thereafter thyroidectomy operation. I wrote to her from my London home:

Please let me know if you think your treatment process can reverse my diabetes or other 2 diseases. I take the below tablets daily for my ailments.
For High Blood pressure: Losartan 100 MG in the morning
                                          Lercanidipine HCI 20 mg in the night
                                          Doxazosin 4mg in the night
For Diabetes:                     Metformin 500 – 3 for a day (1 in the morning, 2 in the night)
                                          Linagliptin 5 mg in the night
Cholesterol:                       Simvastatin 20 mg in the night
I also take aspirin 75 Mg one  in the night and levothyroxine 50 mg 1 daily as my thyroid gland has been removed.

These pills had side effects too. My digestion became weak and I was not absorbing nutrients, leading to lower immunity and higher risk of infections at my age.

When I read about Rachna and her own life story, I took an instant liking to Rachna’s holistic healing process. Her logic made complete sense. I decided to contact her. In reply to my email she said my condition can be reversed and ordered about 12 tests. All my reports were pretty bad.

On seeing my test results Rachna customised my diet, my nutritional intake and my lifestyle. I was a very heavy rice eater and all these changed when she put me on her strict diet plan. First week was very difficult and I had nausea, was lethargic and bloated. I had no real appetite. But from the second week onwards, my body got used to my new diet and nutrition. It was hard, but I followed the diet, nutritions, exercises and Pranayama to the letter with sheer determination. I wasn’t a quitter and I believed this would work.

In the 3rd week, my sugar level came down dramatically and metformins were cut down to half. I was eating well but only what was in Rachna’s list. We had our fortnightly skype sessions and Rachna was very understanding and always at hand to guide me through. My strength came back slowly and my palpitations disappeared. I was able to sleep well and my knee pains and pricking feeling in my feet disappeared too. I followed her treatment with faith and gave my utmost commitment to the treatment process. I repeated my tests after 3 months and the results were amazing. All reports were normal now and Rachna commented that “my reports were like a 20-year-old’s and that I deserve a medal and a pat on the back.” Her positive comments were an incentive which propelled me forward.

My Cholesterol and Blood pressure levels came down and Rachna suggested I consult my GP and reduce the tablets. I was able to reduce them by half and they remain normal. All this was achieved in just 12 weeks! Now my focus is to get rid of rest of the pills and stick to my nutritious and healthy diet. With Rachna behind me to guide and help I am absolutely positive I can achieve this.

I am very happy that I placed my trust in Rachna. Although I still have not met her physically, she is a warm and a friendly person with a renowned understanding towards all her patients. Our skype sessions are chatty and happy. When the going got tough for me in the first 2 weeks Rachna sent me her Oats recipes, chutney ingredients and coriander sauce recipes which I found very tasty and useful. I have included them into my daily diet now. I am spreading Rachna’s holistic healing process to all my Sri Lankan & London friends. I look forward to meeting Rachna face to face end August when she visits London for a health conference.

The world needs to know about this simple but sincere Indian Lady who has made a humongous contribution to Nutritional medicine. Rachna, You are an inspiration and will never be forgotten! You made a 60 year old woman feel 20 again!

— Nalini Kannangara, 60 years, London