Autoimmune Psoriatic Arthritis

How Savio beat his autoimmune Psoriatic Arthritis

Savio Fernandes, an Indian man stands in front of a brick wall smiling. The brick wall has a heart painted along with Arabic words, 'Khalli Walli' written on it.

Savio is an entrepreneur running his own business in the UAE. While leading his normal life over the years, he developed psoriasis three years ago and went through the conventional route of medications. However, last year, he developed arthritic pains along with the skin issues despite the drugs.

Savio then approached RachnaRestores and Palak Ahuja, an autoimmune specialist was assigned his case. Palak herself is a psoriatic arthritic warrior who healed her disease. She then got certified on the RR platform as a health coach. He shared that he had acute psoriasis, pain in his toes and knees and was under severe stress that led to the flare-up.

Savio says, “Half convinced I approached RachnaRestores and after a few follow-ups, realised this could help me majorly.” Seven months later, Savio is well on the path of recovery now. His symptoms, which weren’t managed by medications alone have drastically reduced.

The Healing

Palak’s detailed clinical investigations, customised health plans and vigorous follow-up approach brought about a dynamic change in Savio’s health. “I have improved drastically from where I had started,” he stated confidently. He noticed drastically reduced pain in knees, toes, and he lost weight. All while increased freshness, mental agility and reduced brain fog associated with most autoimmune patients.  His holistic healing included physical and emotional nutrition rather than just food, and doing specific pranayamas and yoga prescribed for his condition consistently made the difference in Savio’s journey as it changed response to stress.

The Challenges

Initially, it was a challenge for Savio to eat all his meals on time. Earlier, he had larger meals and skipped snacks. However, he was made to understand the science behind having smaller meals for improved gut health. After this, he fully imbibed the practice.

Initially, Savio was apprehensive about the cost of supplements. But after he started noticing the changes in his quality of life, due to the supplements, he became consistent.

Evidence-based Clinical Results

In 4 months Savio’s blood reports started showing a downturn. His CRP count came down to 1 from xx; a clear indicator for clinical reversal of disease and inflammation levels reducing.

“When I approached Palak initially, I was treating myself with Biologics named Taltz-80. Though Taltz-80 was and is still effective, the holistic treatment has brought about a miraculous change. The introduction of daily pranayama and supplements along with dietary changes and improved sleeping habits have collectively brought my energy levels up considerably and I feel energised like never before. Palak’s weekly Zoom calls and detailed health counselling has helped me cope with my holistic treatment efficiently too.

I want to thank RachnaRestores for giving me and other autoimmune patients the hope of living a normal life once again. I hope we all can continue to live a healthier and more energetic life.

Thank you Rachna Chhachhi & Palak Bhalla Ahuja for your time, patience, and treatment which is always full of love and positivity.”

Palak Bhalla Ahuja is a Certified Holistic Health Coach at RachnaRestores. You can contact her at to enquire more.