Arthritis & Weight Loss

Jyothi Passi, 60 years, Bangalore

“At the age of 59 my life had become completely dependent on others. I had been suffering from arthritis for the last 15 years but it became extremely painful when I got chikungunya almost 4 years ago.

I was not able to walk properly in spite of walking with a stick I needed additional help, I could not fold my fingers, it would get difficult for me to even make 2-3 chapatis for my family. It would take me more than 5 minutes to get up from the bed. I couldn’t go out anywhere, couldn’t travel, and was getting tired very soon. Due to my immobility, my weight was increasing day by day and got refereed to a lot of doctors. Somebody said I have this problem because I have a gap in the knee, some other doctor said I had a problem with my nerves or a problem in my hip & said that the solution for all this was only physiotherapy or pain killers & that I should reduce weight.

Pain killers always came with a side effect, I also did refer to a few dietitians to help reduce my weight, but this did not help me since everybody said that with my kind of mobility it’s really difficult to reduce my weight as my activity was limited to zero.

I was getting very disheartened with life & depressed with my situation. At this time my niece came as an angel in disguise & referred me to Rachna who changed my life drastically.  My husband really supported & helped me to a great extent in following the routine.

Rachna first studied my body in detail with the help of relevant tests related to arthritis-like inflammation levels, vitamin D levels, B12 levels etc., which were directly related to & play a very important role in either improving or making the problem worse. What surprised me the most was that specialist doctors never examined me based on these parameters!!

The next thing that Rachna did to me was changed my entire pattern of eating & eliminated all the food that was worsening my situation & added the food that would help in improving my problem. She also suggested a few good supplements that were required to make improvements in me. With her guidance & exercise regime I was able to lose 15 kgs in a span of 4 months I was 79.5 kgs when I started Rachna’s programme & today I weigh 65 kgs!!

This was a remarkable achievement for me with the kind of mobility I had it was impossible without Rachna to reduce this weight.

As my weight decreased this really helped in solving a big portion of my problem, my knees & legs had the lesser weight of my body to carry, my body became more active & it helped in improving my mobility. I was able to get up & sit more easily with less help, the inflammation in my body reduced and I was able to close my fingers unlike before, the levels of my pains reduced drastically, with the kind of healthy food I was eating the pigmentation on my skin also reduced. Everyone complimented me on how good I was looking for. I was happier than before with the way I looked & mainly the way I felt.

Rachna’s treatment is all about leading a healthy life which helps you enjoy the precious gift from God, the “life” He has given us. For this eating right & what suits your body is the key. She helped me identify this & has changed things for me. A thank you would be very small to describe the change that you have made in my life! God bless you & give you all the strength & knowledge to continue helping & making people’s life a gift for them & their family!”