Referral Program

Together we can grow!

The journey of healing can become easier and clinically evidence-based if you have a certified health specialist to guide you towards repairing your health issues. As one of our 200+ coaches across 27 countries, you can guide patients or refer them to other coaches if you don’t feel confident yet, and still earn! Our referral system for our certified coaches is below:

  1. If you refer our certification program to your larger community of friends, family, acquaintances, and they sign up, you get 10% (Rs 2,800/USD 37 per sign up)
  2. If you refer a patient for sign up and they do, you get 10% of sign up fee (Rs 1,500/USD 20 OR Rs 2,000/USD 27 depending on sign up fee). Just 10 referrals a month gets you a monthly income most would envy!
  3. The moment the sign up fee is received, we will transfer your fee to your account!
  4. Process for referral program below:

Spread the message of healing — be the health messenger!