Partnering with Saffolalife

We are grateful to Saffolalife for helping us spread the message of reducing the suffering with heart disease and creating awareness to make your heart healthier. Saffolalife is a not-for-profit initiative started 18 years ago, with a vision to create a Heart Healthy India and it has been committed to the cause of educating and inspiring people on the importance of taking care of their heart, which is in line with the vision of RachnaRestores, to reduce the suffering due to diseases and create a better quality of life. The Saffolalife initiative addresses health and nutrition aspects of preventive heart care and seeks to drive awareness and enable people to take immediate action. In this endeavour, they have partnered with RachnaRestores and are spreading the message of healthier hearts across India.

Please go through the Saffolalife website and take the  ‘Heart Ka Exam’ questionnaire which will help you understand the state of health of your heart.