Suffering is optional

Over the last 7 years that I have been healing people, they have sought me out and been hungry for information on proven, clinical data ratified by doctors and the medical profession in some part of the world, on how we can get better with lifestyle, food, and exercise changes. While doctors are wonderful for life saving procedures, they are now beginning to unlearn and re-learn their own methodology, and include holistic healing in their treatments. Like Dr Paul Drouin, a Canadian M.D., and Professor of Integrative Medicine says, “Nobody knows the price we are paying for an incomplete model of medical education.” Together, doctors and holistic healers like me need to work together, and the time will come.

Individually, I have painstakingly emailed information to those who sought it, on the above. Now, the numbers are not in thousands but in hundreds of thousands. And the catch phrase has always been “Ask Rachna.” That’s how my email id came into existence, and now, that’s how the website on information dissemination for people who are looking at data beyond the superficial wellness sites, has come about. is a website that collates information on case studies, trials in showing how nutrition and lifestyle make the difference for being disease free, and inspirational stories of patients who have used nutrition and lifestyle as their “mainstream” healing and not as “alternative.”

Over here, you can expect research, facts and true accounts, clinical data and people who were bold enough to follow, and got better. It’s your space to understand there is a better way, so that the fear of death and the threats of hospitals and doctors don’t make you succumb to treatments that can leave your quality of life compromised. All the data is from the medical professionals, and via trials, proves how we need a less invasive medical system and a more mainstream holistic healing system.

Medicine is sick care. Nutrition and lifestyle changes are healthcare. So make the healthcare your mainstream healing, not sick care.

Like Thomas Edition said,  “The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.”

Till that happens, you have to help yourself. So start here.

– Rachna Chhachhi, Nutritional Therapist, WHO Certified in Malnutrition

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