Autoimmune Ankylosing Spondylitis

How Shalini beat her Autoimmune Ankylosing Spondylitis

Shalini is an autoimmune Ankylosing Spondylitis patient. Professionally, she is a maths teacher. She approached RachnaRestores for help with her disease in 2020.

Shalini recounted that she had been extremely distressed with her autoimmune condition for over seven months. She was on medications yet quite lost on how to manage the disease completely.

After approaching RachnaRestores, her case was assigned to Palak Ahuja, an autoimmune specialist. Palak herself is a psoriatic arthritic warrior who healed her disease. She then got certified on the RR platform as a health coach. Shalini was experiencing a lot of pain in her back and joints when she approached RachnaRestores.

The Healing

Autoimmune conditions are usually caused due to stress and environmental factors. In Shalini’s case, Palak noticed that the food she was eating and lack of sleep she was receiving were causes of concern.

Shalini was apprehensive at first about the approach but the intensity of her pains caused her to concede quickly. She was put on the detox plan once her healing started. Palak also advised her to rest as much as possible. Only getting up from the bed when required to use the washroom.

The balance of getting the right nutrition, supplements, moderate exercise, and good quality of sleep helped her greatly. Since the painkillers were not showing the desired results, a holistic intervention was necessary.

“With major lifestyle changes, I have been able to work on my healing fully on the inside and out”, says Shalini herself.

The Challenges

Initially, this was not an easy feat for Shalini. She struggled with easing herself to eating vegetables and khichdi every day. She had a lot of queries regarding her lifestyle changes too. Getting used to having so many supplements wasn’t easy either.

However, with timely guidance, regular counselling and advice – Palak was able to make Shalini understand the importance of a holistic plan in reversing her condition.

Shalini admits to being a private person as well but opening up about her personal trauma helped her deal with it better. Once the emotional baggage was accepted, became a lot easier to cope with it. Through numerous counselling sessions, Palak worked closely with Shalini to help her emotionally heal as well.

Evidence-based Clinical Results

Shalini’s belief and dedication were undeterred in her resolve to get better. Once she understood how she can reverse her disease, the healing journey became smooth too. Her pains started reducing gradually and today she is able to follow her passion of teaching again.

Shalini came to Palak in March’20 and her reports started showing improvement in August’20 itself. Within five months, she clinically started recovering from her autoimmune condition as her CRP count went from 41 to 14.

While she doesn’t work full-time, Shalini takes maths classes once a day. She has now understood the fact that she needs to give time and space to her body and self-nurturing as well. The balance between the personal and professional is important.

Palak Bhalla Ahuja is a Certified Holistic Health Coach at RachnaRestores. You can contact her at to enquire more.