Welcome to the future of a disease-free world

If we could give every person the right amount of nourishment, not too little, not too much, we would have found the safest way to good health. – Hippocrates

There are many diseases that medical science says can be “managed.” Not “cured.”

And at RachnaRestores, that is what we practice in an evidence-based manner. “Cured” in our terminology means living a good quality of life, with optimum nutrition, exercise and a lifestyle that keeps your disease activity away. And that is what we do. We are a community of 200+ coaches across 27 countries certified with our internationally accredited Holistic Nutrition Program to spread awareness about being healthy the right way.

What is the right way? The right way is via holistic integrative nutrition that ensure the best quality of life you deserve. Holistic integrative nutrition is a combination of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual nutrition, and it scientifically repairs damaged DNA by lengthening telomeres, hence repairing the damage caused by diseases. And we have been successful at implementing this epigenetic science consistently with every patient, evidenced via better clinical outcomes. We are the RR (RachnaRestores) Community.

The RR Community works towards:

  1. Helping clients and patients overcome suffering of disease symptoms and side effects of medications to get a better quality of life (see our Testimonials)
  2. Reversal of lifestyle diseases, autoimmune conditions and cancer (see our Programs)
  3. Women’s Health
  4. Men’s Health
  5. Yoga and meditation to invite peace and positivity
  6. Awareness about childhood cancer (partnership with Access Life NGO)
  7. Spread health awareness via events, podcasts, books, international community platforms, corporate health workshops

Many of the RR community nutrition coaches are ex-cancer and autoimmune patients wanting to give back. We are doctors, healers, counsellors, scientists, yogis who have come together for this purpose.

Holistic integrative healing is based on the principles of healing ourselves in sync with the healing of nature. We are part of nature. And mainstream nutritional integrative healing, both physical and emotional, keeps diseases away. 

RachnaRestores was started by Rachna Chhachhi in 2008 to help alleviate suffering caused by diseases. But today, it has become a global fraternity (read about Rachna’s struggle with rheumatoid arthritis  here). We work across 27 countries to help heal people from autoimmune diseases, cancer and lifestyle diseases, to bring back your quality of life. 

We’re building this community of people who are living like people in the future, by following a lifestyle that makes us all disease free. You can be part of this community as a coach, healer, client or patient, if you believe in the science of natural repair and healing, and in the miracle of mind-body-soul in eliminating diseases.

Enter only if you want to be part of that future, which exists at RachnaRestores

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