Welcome to the future of a disease-free world

If we could give every person the right amount of nourishment, not too little, not too much, we would have found the safest way to good health. – Hippocrates

There are many diseases that medical science says can be “managed.” Not “cured.”

And at RachnaRestores™️, we practice this in an evidence-based manner. “Cured” in our terminology means living a good quality of life, with optimum nutrition, exercise and a lifestyle that keeps disease activity away. And that is what we do. RachnaRestores™️ was started by Rachna Chhachhi an autoimmune warrior herself (read about Rachna’s struggle with rheumatoid arthritis here), in 2008 to help alleviate suffering caused by diseases. Today, it is run by The Quintet of Rachna, Dr Bhavana Gautam, Palak Bhalla Ahuja and Aradhna Chhachhi, supported by Simone Alvares. RR as we call it, is a women run initiative and has become a global fraternity. We work across 27 countries to help those struggling with chronic illness, chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, weight issues, hormonal issues, stress induced obesity, lifestyle diseases and cancer. We have healed those struggling with these, to bring back their quality of life. We are a community of 200+ coaches across 27 countries certified with our internationally accredited Holistic Nutrition Program to spread awareness about preventive health, immunity building and sustainability.

The RR work includes:

  1. Patient driven healing. Helping patients overcome suffering of disease symptoms and side effects of medications to get a better quality of life (see our Testimonials)
  2. Corporate health programs. Helping millions of working professionalsHelping millions of working professionals dealing with stress, long work hours get healthier. Read more here.
  3. Community initiatives. Via the annual awards – The Restore Awards and awareness about childhood cancer (partnership with Access Life NGO)
  4. Health awareness content. Via our digital platform – Unhurry.in
  5. E-learning. Via our online platform for certifying those who seek a career in Holistic Nutrition. Our platform is internationally registered and recognised by CMA and CPD, UK.
  6. Healers offsites. Helping healers across the world establish their practice in a more organised manner so that their healing can reach more people. That is, after all the purpose of RachnaRestores™️ as well, to touch more lives and heal more.

Many of the 200+ RR community nutrition coaches are ex-cancer and autoimmune patients wanting to give back. We are doctors, healers, counsellors, scientists, yogis who have come together for this purpose. You can be part of this community as a coach, healer, client or patient, if you believe in the science of natural repair and healing, and in the miracle of mind-body-soul in eliminating diseases.

Welcome to this beautiful future, which exists at RachnaRestores™️

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