Vidushi is a certified holistic health coach, at RachnaRestores. An Accountant by profession, Vidushi saw a surge in illnesses in the past few years amongst family and friends. What baffled her was, that medical and pharmaceutical interventions had debilitating side effects for some, thus depleting their life quality. Her own encounter where a small medical procedure, left her in physical and mental agony, got her in touch with Rachna and the experience was an eye-opener for her. The healing graph started the upward trend and got her interested to research into alternate cures. She became an avid reader and took to reading and researching medical Journals, books, health conditions and lifestyle nutrition. This was the transformative period of her life where she decided to change her career from Accountancy to Holistic Healing. Vidushi has an eye for detail and is an attentive and patient listener. She is enroute to constantly developing and updating her knowledge and is a firm believer that she can help lower suffering in the world around her; healing for the global epidemic of lifestyle diseases like the types of Autoimmune, Cardiovascular Disease (CVD), Hypertension, PCOD, Depression, Anxiety, Type-2 Diabetes, Mast Cells, Allergies, Histamine Issues, Insomnia, Obesity, Irritable bowel Syndrome ( IBS)…and many more…can be well managed or even sent into remission by our lifestyle choices and changes. Vidushi is also a Bikram Yoga student from last 5 years and plans to keep it going. On the note that healing yourself is connected with healing others, Vidushi has embarked on this journey. She believes, You are presented with two choices in life – Evolve or Repeat. She chose the former, what about you? Contact Details ; Email :; Phone no : 07783707598

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