Sangita Bhardwaj
SANGITA BHARDWAJ, NEW JERSEY Sangita Bhardwaj is a certified holistic health coach at RachnaRestores. She has been self-employed for the past 15 years running her own IT firm, enjoying what she is doing but deep down had this dream of healing; healing not through medicine but through food and lifestyle modifications. She came to know Rachna due to her father’s illness; 10 years back, he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Instead of chemotherapy, the family decided to go with hormonal therapy as it was milder than chemotherapy but after all this in 2018, the doctors re-evaluated and wanted to follow a different path which would bring his sugar levels fluctuating drastically and had to be monitored closely. He being a diabetic and 80 years old would be hard for him to monitor and take insulin shots himself. This is when she started looking into different options and crossed path with Rachna. A charismatic person and positive thinker who supported her father and brought his life together. A year of healthy eating, pranayama and support from Rachna, his sugar levels controlled, sleeping better, his PSA levels stable and he is enjoying life. Here Sangita’s journey started on becoming a holistic health coach. We as health coaches need to not only address the diagnosis but also address the environment where the illness exists and help to support those who seek our advice. Most of the chronic illnesses are due to poor diet and lifestyle choices. Contact Details: Email-
KAMAL BRAR, SEATTLE: Kamal is dedicated to helping women overcome IBD/IBS. Along
with being an Autoimmune Expert, she is also Certified in Weight Loss and Cancer. She has a unique perspective as someone who knows the struggles of living with a chronic autoimmune disease, Ulcerative Colitis for the past 18 years. Over the years, along with allopathic treatments, she realized the high value of holistic healing ways to manage her disease. Her own journey in overcoming her health struggles made her realize her passion to become a health coach and help others dealing with similar struggles. Kamal, also has an MBA in International Hospitality and Leadership from the world-renowned school, Glion Institute of Higher Education in Switzerland. She is also WA state certified teacher and has Hospitality Management: Focus on Food Service Certificate from Cornell University. Along with being certified through RachnaRestores, she also has certifications from Dr. Sears Wellness Institute and She is married with two teenage children. Outside of work, she enjoys reading, world cinema, travel, trying new cuisines, and spending time with family. Her other business is a gourmet tea company, Healthify Tea.You should choose to work with her because Kamal is determined to show her best version in order to help you to heal your body and mind to live a better life. Her goal is to educate, support, and empower everyone she works with. She will provide all the motivation, support and information you need to achieve a healthier life. Website: Contact Details: Email-
ROHIT PATWARI, GEORGIA Rohit is a certified holistic health coach cum nutritionist at RachnaRestores. He specialises in healing health conditions like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, hormonal issues and obesity in a holistic way without the use of any medications. He is currently in the US since past 1 year. Rohit never thought of becoming a health coach some day, but some critical health issues created havoc in his life about 8 years ago. He underwent all possible treatments and when he lost all hope our dearest Rachna ma’am held his hand and with all her care and holistic health plan he could restore his health to a great extent. At that point Rohit was committed to take Rachna restores to the next level and together with Rachna ma’am and other talented RachnaRestores team members, do his best in healing the world. In his opinion the joy of being disease free is the greatest joy in this world. He is an electronics engineer by profession and currently works full time with an MNC in the US. he loves doing meditation , listen to music , read inspirational books and watch comedy movies. He is married since last 8 years to his beautiful wife Pooja. Contact details: Email- Phone no- +1 470-469-9818
DILNAVAZ SHROFF, TORONTO, CANADA: Dilnavaz Shroff, is a certified health specialist, in lifestyle diseases, and helps in preventing and healing issues like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stress and weight loss. She lived 20 years in California where she also motivated and encouraged numerous youth to lead a better and healthier lifestyle. Dilnavaz had the distinguishing of launching India’s first career magazine for women. She was privileged to have been on various boards and committees’ of organisations like the “Bombay Management Association”, the “Indian Merchant’s Chamber”, the Guild of Women Achiever’s, Rotary Club of Mid-town, and on various panels. She taught journalism at the Xavier’s Institute of Communication and the Bombay College of Journalism. Dilnavaz was chosen by FICII, as one of the top “Fifty” outstanding Businesswomen achiever’s in India in 1997. She has been writing content for US Healthcare companies on wellness and healing and has been also doing voice over’s for the NAB, Perfumery college. Dilnavaz is on the international board of the WZCC and mentors youth on entrepreneurship. Dilnavaz’s goal is to see her clients, friends and family smile through her restorative handholding and blossom. She believes in giving them the strong foundation of healthy habits and lifestyle and then see them soar their wings and fly to great heights. Good Vibes Always! Contact details: Email-; Phone no- +1 6478072021
ANUPAM CHUGH, TORONTO, CANADA: Contact details: Email
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