The Unhurry Membership

Unhurry is an initiative by RachnaRestores to provide a platform to those committed to their health and are looking at leading a high energy, low disease activity life. This membership comes with a set of exclusive privileges all of which are targeted towards your mental and physical well-being. Benefits include:

  1. Priority access to our top nutrition and emotional well-being experts along with a 25% discount via sessions and holistic treatment options – Rachna Chhachhi, Dr Bhavana Gautam, Aradhna Chhachhi, Palak Bhalla Ahuja
  2. Vouchers worth Rs 50,000 that include workshops, gifts, courses
  3. 25% discount on our quarterly workshops where only 15 people physically and 15 people virtually can attend
  4. 25% discount on any published price on our e-learning certification courses on health, nutrition and alternative medicine programmes
  5. 30%–60% off on diagnostic preventive health packages with established labs across India, UAE and Nepal to ensure that you stay on top of your clinical markers and get timely advice on preventing diseases
  6. 25% off on our patented and clinically evidenced Detox Programme
  7. Discount on Himalayan Water for home consumption
  8. Exclusivity, time and nurturing since the membership is only limited to 100 people across the world
  9. 25% off on the Unhurry merchandise – Live the Unhurried life with our exquisitely designed journals, coasters, leisure and lounge wear, tote bags, scented candles and decor items that will help you destress, unwind and get healthier
  10. Fee: Rs 50,000 per annum
  11. 25% early bird discount till Nov 30, 2021 – making the annual fee only Rs.37,500 for all the above privileges

Once you fill out the form, our internal RR committee will be choosing the members based on their commitment to self and health as this membership is for only 100 people committed to their own health. Contact Simone Alvares on +919833710731 for queries.

Fill up the form on the link below to get an opportunity to avail of the exclusive privileges of being an Unhurry member. Get the glow, youthfulness, good health and longevity as part of your daily life.