Uddeta has completed her graduation in bachelor’s degree of commerce & later ventured into fashion designing & launched her own label, from Kolkata. Her skills & passion was into creativity, fashion, art & learning new techniques & meeting new people. Then she headed into event management & was the 1st person to launch Hansel and Gretel mother and child exhibition pan India. But then she realised something was missing in her goals & life purpose as money, name & fame didn’t gIve her satisfaction & then her journey for self- realisation started. Then she started doing various certified courses from numerous masters & practitioners from all over the world. She is now a Certified TAROT & ANGEL card reader, DREAM DECODER, REIKI & SWITCHWORD practitioner, SILVA MIND POWER graduate, ACUPRESSURIST, NUMEROLOGIST, VISION BOARD specialist & many more. She attended various yoga & meditation session from Isha Yoga foundation & other schools of yoga. Her life completely changed when she met Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev & then she realised that her life mission is to help others & serve humanity with her skills & leanings. She started to heal people through her learnings. As she was suffering from Hidradenitis Suppertiva, an autoimmune conditions along with Urticaria. She had tried all medications from Allopathy to Homeopathy to Naturopathy to Ayurveda but nothing was helping in reversing her disease after being operated by an oncologist. Then when she got married & shifted to Mumbai 3 years ago her life completely changed again as she met various Holistic Health Coaches & started changing her food & lifestyle habits. She was always into new learnings & attended various seminars, workshops & fitness session from best nutritionist, health coach, & doctors from various fields in Mumbai.. She was even inclined towards Organic foods & helped organic farmers & encouraged friends & family to incorporate organic foods in their life. She got an opportunity to meet Racha Chhachhi from RachnaRestores in her event Health over Hospital at Taj Lands End, where she met people who have reversed their diseases with the help of Rachna through lifestyle changes. She was motivated & decided she will take charge of her life in her own hands & will join the Holistic Health Coach from RachnaRestores. She did her certified course in May 2020 & has completely reversed Urticaria & is on her way to reverse Hidradenitis Suppertiva only by changing her food habits & lifestyle. Now her mission & aim is to help, guide people around & build a community where all people are healthy & disease free without any medicines. Contact Details ; Email : holistic.wellness26@gmail.com; Phone : +91 7980713749; + 91 9830232444