The Unhurry Membership Eligibility

Unhurry is an initiative by RachnaRestores to provide a platform to millions of healers across the world who have made miraculous breakthroughs in mainstream healing by alleviating pain, symptoms for patients and clients suffering in some way or the other, and have helped patients get a better quality of life, but have remained unrecognised for their work. Unhurry offers them a platform to showcase their work, send a message out to the universe on their healing so that more and more people can benefit from them. The benefits are listed on this link.

Eligibility criteria as below:

  1. Valid certification for being a health expert
  2. Minimum two years of experience
  3. Age, location, gender no bar
  4. Being certified by any other platform except RR (RR coaches get all the benefits free of cost)

Membership fees is Rs 10,000/USD 150 per annum, and there is a 25% discount till April 30, 2021 for membership. Apply soon to avail of this discount. Fill up the form below and follow the payment link to make your payment to activate your annual membership and avail of the benefits. More importantly, make your work reach people across the world so that they can contact you to heal themselves. Sign up today!