The Skincare Masterclass

“Every Masterclass with Rachna is a delight! Knowing that I’ll learn so much in just 2 hours is so valuable to me! I’ve been suffering from severe eczema for many years. This Masterclass was so specific. I feel that I now have all the tools to effectively support my clients’ healing journey. Not only am I able to support them with the healing but I can also give them tips to have a glowing skin moving forward. And I think this makes all the difference! Thank you Rachna for another amazing class!” – Camille Tomat, Certified Nutrition Coach, Certified Yoga Teacher, France

The Skincare Masterclass is a unique Masterclass that helps you be free from skin issues, scientifically. And enjoy the glow inside out!

Masterclass details:

  1. Fee: Fee Rs 7,500/USD 110. 
  2. Get a manual.  Everyone who attends a skincare masterclass will not only give the practical and live class knowledge but will also get a PDF manual to refer to later on. If you are already a certified practitioner, you can incorporate this manual into your advice for clients.
  3. Certification: Get a certificate of completion from our internationally registered online college. For certified practitioners, this is an added qualification.


  1. What causes skin issues: Till we don’t understand the causes, we cannot come up with long-lasting solutions for getting that growing skin. The deep dive into the top causes of pigmentation, acne, skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema and accelerated ageing causes which make the skin sag early.
  2. Nutrition for the Skin: Without the right nutrition, our skin will age early or demonstrate signs of a malnourished body. The foods, supplements and lifestyle habits that help you get a smooth glowing skin.
  3. Skin exercises: There are specific exercises for the skin to stay supple, especially on the face. Understanding these and how to incorporate them into your daily life.
  4. Customised skin advise: Our skin changes as we grow from puberty to menopause. It also changes in response to our environment, the stress, certain medications we take and certain underlying conditions. This Masterclass helps you reduce the damage, whether you’re struggling with PCOS, acne, autoimmune, side effects of medications or menopausal skin issues.
  5. Anti-ageing tips: What to do after 35 to keep your skin supple!
  6. A face pack for every issue: Get the ancient recipes to 3 face packs that come in handy for a healthy glowing skin.
  7. Glow techniques:  Specific secrets to light up your skin.
  8. Course instructor: The Masterclass is conducted by certified nutrition expert and yoga teacher Rachna Chhachhi who has a vast body of work in treating hormonal issues, skin issues, acne, pimples, psoriasis, eczema, DLE, hives and gut cleansing.
  9. Please fill out the form below to register for the class and make the payment in INR as per details on the link here or pay in USD via PayPal to PayPal account 

Let’s get your glow back.


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