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RachnaRestores has a wonderful set of Healers & Professionals who help spread the message of good health, under the guidance of Rachna Chhachhi.

PALAK BHALLA AHUJA herself suffered from psoriatic arthritis and rebuilt herself via holistic healing and nutritional changes in her lifestyle. She first healed herself and then did Rachna’s certification course on becoming a certified holistic health coach, after which she joined RachnaRestores with the mission of spreading the message of good health. Palak  counsels patients with autoimmune conditions to come out of their pain and fatigue and become healthier without the support of toxic medications.


PRACHI WASNIKAR is a well-known events professional who works with RachnaRestores on health events across the world. Prachi is a certified Yoga Instructor. She has been an events professional for the last 18 years and has independently organised large-scale events in most industry categories. Prachi’s diverse experience is extensive including conferences, music shows, fashion shows, press conferences, nonprofit fundraising, sports tournaments, full-service destination management, corporate picnics, experiential learning and many more.Her commitment and alignment towards spreading the message of good health makes her invaluable for RachnaRestores.


Aradhna Chhachhi
ARADHNA CHHACHHI is a certified wine consultant and a French Wine Scholar. She does wine photography, wine and guilt free menu curations. She handles the media and communications and curates the menus for all the events for RachnaRestores globally. Aradhna’s zeal to help other young people her own age understand how they can enjoy and still the disease free makes her commitment towards RachnaRestores extremely high.
ROLI JALAN is a dietician and a
certified sports nutritionist. She is a founder-partner with Paleo Bakes, a fitness bakery. She is Assistant Nutritionist at RachnaRestores and works on events and workshops to spread the message of reducing the suffering caused by diseases, and help people who contact RachnaRestores, lead a healthy lifestyle.
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