Are you a brother? Then you’re more selfless!

This is a true favourite for all little sisters who have already experienced it: As per Bringham Young University, siblings uniquely promote sympathy and altruism in each other. Normally, it has been reported that relationships are more important to girls rather than boys, but as per this study, if you have a sibling, as a boy, that makes you care more for relationships. The BYU researchers followed … Continue reading Are you a brother? Then you’re more selfless!

Drink to become attractive!

Everybody loves the researchers at the University of Bristol. And that’s because they have proven via a study that one glass of red wine makes you more attractive than no alcohol. The bad news? The effect wears off if you consume more. The volunteers were presented with images depicting an individual photographed while sober and after consuming either the equivalent of 250ml of wine or … Continue reading Drink to become attractive!