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Protected: Nutrition for your Toddler’s Immune System

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Parul Thukral today after overcoming stage 3 breast cancer

At 28, she fought stage 3 breast cancer within 10 months

Parul Thukral was diagnosed with breast cancer on August 11, 2017. She got married in December 2015. Since she is also BRCA 1 positive, she and her husband decided not to have kids in the future and focus …

Become a Certified Holistic Health Coach

In 2008, I had healed myself from rheumatoid arthritis and was seeking to help others. For 11 years, I strived across 22 countries. But at a one-on-one level, despite taking on more cases, conducting workshops, being a speaker …

Bad proteins give you disease

Have diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, spine issues, pain related conditions? An international teamĀ of more than 18 research groups has demonstrated that the compounds they developed can safely prevent harmful protein aggregation in preliminary tests using animals, as per …

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