Suchana Patnaik is a professionally trained teacher who holds a Master’s degree in Sociology and a Bachelor’s degree in Education. Having worked in a reputed public school of Delhi as an educationist for 20 years, she has acquired vast knowledge and expertise in the field of developmental psychology, language acquisition skills, creative thinking and holistic pedagogical practices.  As the First Lady of Delhi Police, Suchana served as the President of Police Families Welfare Society, Delhi Police, for a period of 3 years (2017-2020), during which she worked for the welfare of the families of the less privileged police personnel. She gained immense experience while working assiduously for the holistic development and empowerment of the children, youth and women of Delhi Police families. A passionate believer in the mantra “mens sana in corpore sano” – a healthy mind resides in a healthy body – Suchana has organised and presided over several celebrity-led yoga, pranayama, health camps and counselling sessions.  A Holistic Health Coach at RachnaRestores, she is a certified Autoimmune Coach and Child Nutrition expert. She has also completed basic yoga training from Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga, Delhi and deals with autoimmune conditions, weight loss, diabetes, child nutrition, PCOS and hormonal imbalances. Being a Rheumatoid Arthritis warrior herself, she has been able to keep the disease under remission with her healthy lifestyle and positive attitude. She has also been successful in reversing her hypertension by adopting a holistic lifestyle. A foodie and a great cook, she loves to experiment with healthy recipes, and has never been an advocate of dietary fads, calorie counting and self-medication. She firmly believes that an ethic of consistency, moderation and balance is the key to healthy living. As a certified healer, and an autoimmune coach, she has already started helping many and aims to reach out to more people who are suffering due to poor lifestyle habits. She hopes to raise awareness on the healing powers of the human body and guide others through natural, safe and holistic methods, so they can lead a healthy and happy life. Contact details: email-

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