Stage III (c) Ovarian Cancer

In February 2020, at the age of 60, I was diagnosed with Stage III(c) ovarian cancer. My CA 125 was 710.79, my ESR was 50, my cholesterol was high, I had fatty liver, my TSH was 9.12, sugar was pre-diabetic. In short, along with my cancer, everything else was also going haywire inside me.

I began my conventional treatments and had a surgery in early March 2020 and was advised to continue with 6 cycles of chemotherapy. Right after the surgery we came to know about Rachna’s holistic nutritional therapy that focuses on sending cancer into remission and reducing chances of recurrence. Rachna advised us that the treatment would also help with side-effects of chemotherapy.

I took Rachna’s advice and started following her holistic treatment along with the conventional treatments.Throughout this journey Rachna has been like an angel sent to me sent by God. I fully trusted her and followed the diet plans given by her along with the various supplements and stress relieving pranayamas. Rachna encouraged me to continue my passion of singing while I was getting healed and followed with keen interest the videos I used to send her of my songs.

I would say, the results were amazing!! With her holistic treatment reducing side-effects of chemotherapy and protecting my liver, I could complete all the 6 cycles of chemotherapy & further 11  cycles of maintenance doses with not much side- effects. Today, my CA1 25 is 19 and all my other clinical markers are back in range. Inside me, the environment that was topsy-turvy is balanced again.

Rachna is very well read and devoted to her practice.  With the group therapy approach, she and her team helped me on emotional issues with her support and guidance on managing stress. Rachna has been really a great source of support  through this journey. I wish her all the best and to her entire team in their practice to heal more and more people across the globe. God bless them all 🙂

Signing of file humming one of my favourite songs – Haste haste kat jaye raste – I send you my blessings!


Ragini Parwanda, Cancer Warrior, Gurgaon, India