The Restore Awards 2021 – Gratitude Sponsors


Every year, we end the year by recognising and rewarding selfless workers, doctors, healers, businesses and companies who are working in the areas of health, sustainability and disease prevention. This year, our theme is Preventive Health, Immunity and Sustainability. We have been through the pandemic for 2 years and never has preventive health been more in focus. Preventive health and sustainability go hand-in-hand to protect the immune system of human beings and the environment together. And it is this partnership of humans with mother earth that we celebrate with our awards this year. And in this mission, we are grateful to our sponsor partners. They believe in preventive health, sustainable living and immunity for all humanity. They have demonstrated this by partnering with us for
As our Gratitude Partner, SRL diagnostics partners with us in creating specialised preventive health and chronic illness packages so that integrative nutrition and medicine treatments can have higher impact. Through our awards platform, they spread the message of immunity building. SRL have also sponsored the category of Healer Beyond Boundaries, one of our most powerful nomination categories


Organic India
Organic India is our Category & Gifts Partner. Organic India has been a partner with the mission of RachnaRestores for the last 4 years. With their organic produce, Organic India demonstrates how organisations should function: the end customer gets healthy, the soil in which the produce is made is healthy and the people who work in those fields are also healthy because they are not exposed to toxins. As Category partner, they have sponsored Health Warrior Beyond Limits, one of our most popular categories
Radio City
Radio City is our Media Partner. They have been a partner with the mission of RachnaRestores for the last three years. Every time we have had an initiative that has helped spread the message of healing, Radio City has come forward and done interviews with us, our jury and our patients who have benefited from this healing. Our gratitude to them for spreading this message to millions of their listeners, is limitless.
Himalayan Natural Mineral Water is our Gifts Partner. Up to 60% of the human adult body is water. The brain and heart are composed of 73% water, the lungs are 83%, the skin 64% water, muscles and kidneys 79%, and even the bones are watery: 31%. Thus, the quality of the water we drink impacts our heart, brain, lungs, gut, circulation of nutrients, skin and immunity. And when the quality of water becomes purer, this impacts our health holistically. We are grateful to Himalayan Natural Mineral Water for partnering with us on The Restore Awards, and bringing wellness into people’s lives.


MOU is started by Hrillekha Ganguly, a 20-year old college student who wanted to create resin products. Her passion led her to hand craft each product. She understands her clients’ preferences to customise items that compliment their homes. As she expands her portfolio, we at RachnaRestores are proud to gift her beautiful creations to our deserving winners
We are proud to be associated with Alna. The products are all made by rescued sex traffickers. These natural fibre tote bags with block prints carry the message of rehabilitation, equality for all and sustainable living for us. The winners of The Restore Awards will be gifted these as a symbol of spreading our message